Galileo Amusement Park: Art and Science of Circuses, Rides and Carnivals

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Camp Galileo

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Step right up to the main event – a colorful carnival of your own design. Create spinning acrobats, circus wagons and arcade games. Attempt astonishing feats of engineering as you build a mini-speedway or your own roller coaster. Construct the most exhilarating expo the world has ever seen.

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Full day, Financial aid available, Lunch is additional fee

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My kids LOVE this camp. The counselors at the Walter Hayes location are fantastic and my kids talk about them all year. The kids have so much fun they don't even realize how much they are learning. I love the innovation of this program.



My kids just finished up their first time at Camp Galileo and they had an educational BLAST. Don't worry about your kids playing the same boring games over and over all day - they will become little Innovators right before your eyes. A must for your kids during the summer.


Kimberly K.

My kids have gone to Camp Galileo Woodside for three years. They love the camp, and even more, they love the staff. Plus the campus is lovely.


Jenny S.

This is my daughter's first year doing summer camp. We thought she'd have friends in her session, but did not. She is very reserved and was reluctant to go to camp. The staff did a great job engaging her and getting her in the camp groove. She had a great time with the "fun house" to extended care, and overall loved the camp. She did the "Detective in Paris" theme and really enjoyed the sleuthing portions.


Lisa f.

My daughter loves this camp. She loves the caring, peppy and just cool counselors. They're great role models and take their job of educating and fun very seriously. She doesn't even know it but she's also learning and staying on top of her academics during what is typically the summer brain drain. Love love love this camp!


Bonnie F.

My son loved camp Galileo. He went for one week two years ago, but has been asking to go back to camp ever since. I have never seen more attentive counselors at any other camp. Even though he didn't know a single person there, he felt very comfortable and made friends easily. I was thrilled by the art and science education that was built into their child centered projects. These guys really know what they are doing, no wonder they are rated so highly. I highly recommend Camp Galileo.


Peggy C.

My kids have attended Camp Galileo in Belmont for 3 sessions each. They love the counselors and junior counselors. I think the Camp Galileo staff is among the best I've seen at a summer camp. They are entertaining and engaged with the kids. The traditions like closing ceremony and the rubber chicken are also a lot of fun. I highly recommend this camp!


Tiffany L.

I LOVE WHAT THIS CAMP DOES FOR KIDS and what it teaches them about thinking for themselves. My daughter couldn't wait to become a Galileo camper- she has heard so many fun and fabulous things from her brother over the last 4 summers. The kids don't realize how much they are learning because they are having such a blast. Today after her first week of camp, my daughter came home and figured out for herself how to resolve 2 situations on her own- instead of asking me to do it or saying "I don't know how!" And they have the best staff around, hands down.


Nannette M.

Both my kids have attended this camp and both really liked it. I was impressed with the quality of the counselors and the great projects.


David R.

My kids have attend Camp "G" for many years for multiple sessions. The curriculum is fantastic. It keeps them engaged and excited during the day and when they come home. The staff is highly trained and carefully selected which produces a great high energy environment for the kids.