Extreme-Tronics: Advanced LEGO Building and Introduction to Electronics

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Budding engineers work on projects which teach LEGO design and basic electronics.

Students build remote-controlled LEGO Spybot creations, such as a snowmobile, motorcycle and sidecar, scorpion, race car and more. All have built-in motors and infrared receivers which allow them to be controlled with a remote. Students send them on missions, maneuvering through obstacles and racing along the ground.

Each day, students also learn about electricity and electronics by building working devices. We'll use Snap-Circuits components – such as LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits and relays - to build a radio receiver, light and sound music player, motorized car, UFO launcher, a LEGO baseball batter, plus much more!

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Amy B.

My son cannot wait to go back to this camp! This camp is perfect for the child that can spend a few hours building.