Extreme-Tronics: Advanced LEGO Building and Introduction to Electronics

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Budding engineers work on projects which teach LEGO design and basic electronics.

Students build remote-controlled LEGO Spybot creations, such as a snowmobile, motorcycle and sidecar, scorpion, race car and more. All have built-in motors and infrared receivers which allow them to be controlled with a remote. Students send them on missions, maneuvering through obstacles and racing along the ground.

Each day, students also learn about electricity and electronics by building working devices. We'll use Snap-Circuits components – such as LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits and relays - to build a radio receiver, light and sound music player, motorized car, UFO launcher, a LEGO baseball batter, plus much more!

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Deepti N.

Intelligent kids need the right environment and program to build their skills and challenge themselves, this is ideal camp for this purpose!


Amy B.

My son cannot wait to go back to this camp! This camp is perfect for the child that can spend a few hours building.