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Melvishasree R. on December 4, 2023
"Very interesting workshop for making the gingerbread House. Kid enjoyed doing this and very much excited. The staff was very kind and helpful.."


Why should my kid take art classes?

Art is an important creative outlet that can help kids learn to focus, improve fine motor skills, and develop visual learning skills. Arts education is very important for young students, and it can often help improve grades.

What types of art lessons and programs are there?

There are art classes for kids at all experience and skill levels. Kids can choose between all types of media, like sculpture, watercolor, digital art, manga, comic book art, animation, or graphite sketching.

What type of art class is best for my kid?

When choosing an art class for our child, consider the art materials required if you are not in-person at a studio. Pencil and paper are readily available at home for online art classes for kids, but it may be more difficult to get the required materials for acrylic painting or clay sculpting. Otherwise, let your kid try all kinds of media and decide what they enjoy most.

What levels of art programs for kids are there?

The difficulty of an art class depends on the medium and the experience of your child. Many classes can be catered towards multiple skill levels at once, and kids can get the opportunity to learn from each other as well as the instructors.

What supplies are required for kids art classes?

Art supplies are different for each class and instructor. Some instructors may provide them for art students while others may require you to buy special kits.

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