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Why should my child take dance?

Dance exercises the heart, strengthens bones, and improves posture, balance, and flexibility. In addition, dance can reduce stress, bolster self-esteem and provide a fun creative outlet!

How do I know if dance is a good activity for my child?

If you think your child is interested, trying a one- or two-week dance camp is a great way to find out if dance fits your child’s style. Use the opportunity to test out different studios to find an instructor and location that is a good fit for your kids and your budget.

What type of dance classes will fit my kids?

Modern, contemporary, ballroom, folk, tap, jazz, or ballet? Show your child as many types of dance as possible to see which appeals to them most. Take your child to a dance recital in your area or ask if a local studio will allow your child to observe different classes.

How do I know if my child is ready to start dance?

Some studios will enroll toddlers as young as 3 years old, sometimes called Pre-K or pre-ballet level. Talk to individual studios, as some do a quick in-person assessment to see which class would suit your child.

How much do kids’ dance classes cost?

Costs depend on many factors, including your geographic location, the instructor’s experience, and class length and size. Some studios charge a membership fee. Also inquire about the dance gear and clothing you’re expected to provide such as leotards, shoes, and costumes.

What other options are there besides studio classes for dancers?

For kids who love to dance and want a bit more flexibility than an organized class offers, a dance camp might be a good option. Dance camps feature a variety of different dance styles and are a great way to help shy kids gain confidence before committing to weekly dance classes.

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