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Online Classes for Kids

Online classes provide self-directed learning experiences from the comfort of home. Some digital classes are live and the instructors can engage in real time with students... read more >

FAQs about Online Classes for Kids

What are the benefits of e-learning for kids?

As parents, it can be difficult to keep kids engaged during school closures and breaks. In-home lessons can help children stay busy, even when it is not possible to physically be at a camp. Virtual learning can also benefit children who are seeking advanced instruction that may not be conveniently offered as a traditional camp.

What can my child expect to learn online?

Before enrolling your child for an online learning experience, review the course details. Many online courses have instructors that will be there to guide your child through lessons at their own pace, offering one-on-one assistance as needed. Other virtual classes are live and combine academic instruction with movement breaks.

How do I know if my kid is ready for an online class?

Short classes, self-paced learning experiences or those with plenty of breaks can be better for younger children. Support your child in their online learning by providing a quiet environment away from distractions.

How is an online course different from a traditional camp?

Online courses provide self-directed learning experiences, ideal for after school programs, spring break, summer learning and out-of-school time. Online courses and programs are less expensive and more flexible than traditional in-person classes. Online classes also save on commute time and are accessible from any place.

What types of online classes are available for kids?

Popular categories for virtual learning include music lessons, online coding, social skills, language, science and math instruction and more.

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