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Hone your secret agent spy skills with Camp Edmo spy training! Create spy gear, crack codes, dust for fingerprints, write secret messages in invisible ink, and even discover how to make motion detectors & silent alarms! Campers must be 5 by June 1 to enroll.

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Jenny S.

My son just finished a week at Camp Edmo, and have a fantastic time. He loved the spy theme and dressing up as a spy on theme day. He also really enjoyed the many projects and the outside games. We'll be back next year.


Mary w.

Both my children loved Edmo. My daughter, 5, is having her first summer of camps. And loves the silliness and learning combination at Edmo. The staff are fun and friendly and she feels right at home. My son, 8, is loving all the fun new things he's learning and playing all the camp games. Definitely a winner.


Sharon K.

Edmo is consistently my son's favorite summer camp. The staffers at Edmo seem highly trained and qualified, and the camper / staffer ratio is low. The staffers are always willing to listen and help. To wake up on an Edmo camp day and have my 6-year-old dressed and excited for camp definitely starts the day on the right note. I also love that I don't have to pack a lunch for him to eat something healthy. Although Edmo is not the most inexpensive summer camp we participate in, I find myself adding more weeks each year. It is very convenient in both hours and location, and my child is always engaged and learns a lot. Since science and art don't get top billing during the school year, I like that we can make up for it in such a fun way over the summer. The most important thing for me about Edmo is that my child just LOVES it, and he's not all that easy to please where summer camps are concerned. I don't know anyone who has tried it and not returned – our prized Edmo buttons are safe where they can remind us of this summer!


Leela G.

We have enrolled Trevor at Camp Edmo in the Presidio campus for 3 summers now and he absolutely loves it. After his first summer at Edmo, Trevor came home and decided to create a Science Museum in our basement (three years later and its only grown). Last summer he came home and said "Mom, next summer all I want to do is Edmo!" because he had so much fun. He couldn't wait to tell me about the games they played, the things they learned, and what he wants to accomplish as a result. It's the type of excitement children should have about learning. I especially appreciate the opportunities that Edmo has given Trevor outside of camp. For example, one year Edmo hosted a "film festival" at the Exploratorium where animation films that the kids did were shown and the children got to walk down "the red carpet". Another year Trevor's animation film was featured at Macworld. These opportunities have made Edmo a completely unique and enriching experience for Trevor and our family. Plus, having the camp close to our house and providing the extended hours makes it very easy as a working parent to drop off/pick up. Edmo is a little more expensive than other summer camp programs but we have tried many of the other programs and this is the one that ignites a spark in my child. Having your child so excited about what he is learning is indeed priceless!


Lynn W.

My kids LOVE Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech and always ask to go back every summer. The staff gets to know each child and really makes them feel special. They are great role models. Seeing the huge smiles on my boys' faces when picking them up, and listening to them talk excitedly about the projects they were working on makes my day as a parent. It was amazing to be able to have them at camp all day long on a beautiful summer day and know that they would be outside learning, singing, enjoying their summer. Not only is it the most fun camp my kids have attended, but they also learn so much about specific trades, about teamwork and a lot of life-lessons along the way. It's definitely a camp in which you get more for your money. Also, it doesn't hurt that it always takes place at my kids' school, so it's five minutes from my house. Sign your kids up now! You will never want to send them to another camp again!


Eos d.

my 9 year old loved both her sessions. The counselors were great and responsive to parent inquiries. Everything was 'just so much fun' and I liked the daily themes. Nice location too!


Katherine C.

Edmo is more than just camp: it's science, art, outdoor playtime, creativity, and great summer fun - all rolled into one. Plus, the staff and counselors are amazing. The counselors and camp director were genuinely interested in getting to know my daughter, and before the end of the first day, they had already won her over. The program is very comprehensive in it's offering and well organized. The art and science projects are - in a word - COOL and there are lessons embedded within each day's activities. I felt as though my daughter was learning, creating, and having a great time - every day. The Mill Valley location was convenient and centrally-located as well. Edmo is a summer camp that gives kids the chance to explore, learn, play, be silly, laugh, get wet, run around, share, make friends, dream, and enjoy the beauty of summer. We're back for our third year this summer!


Ev S.

Our kids just love Edmo. They probably think that they love the fun part, and I love the learning part. (In truth, I also love that they're having fun.) I am a bit of a nut about safety, and I have never remotely had any kind of concern about Edmo. I love that the kids are well cared for by trained and skilled staff, we're able to purchase organic lunches from Kid Chow, and Edmo's location are at campuses we're familiar with. Last year, my son was so enthusiastic about the animation session he attended that he was inspired to make many a film during the year on his own. We were so impressed with the skills that he gained, and what he was able to create. Attending multiple weeks definitely makes a difference with pricing! We drop excited and enthusiastic kids off in the morning and pick up happy and inspired kids in the afternoon ... what more could we ask for?


Elizabeth S.

Enroll your child(ren) at Camp Edmo! Edmo makes learning about science and technology fun and exciting - once Camp Edmo was over my daughters wanted to return right away. The staff was fabulous - enthusiastic and upbeat, with the staff to camper ratio small. I really enjoyed the take home sheets to learn more about the camp day. Kids learn in a fun and dynamic environment while having a fabulous summer. We'll be back again this summer! We all have that Edmo vibe!


Beverly w.

Both my kids have attended this camp over a couple of years (at a different SF location). Both rate it as perhaps their favorite each year. My 8 year old son was quite apprehensive the first day - it seemed loud and chaotic and he didn't have any friends. The councilors are young and I think they are selected based on their peppiness - it is very high energy and RAH RAH! But turns out my kids loved all the camp cheers and spirit once they got used to it. All the sessions have had art and science projects that the kids have really enjoyed and they have also had a great time playing the games in the PE session.