What is ActivityHero?

ActivityHero helps parents find and book kids after-school activities and summer camps. We're driven by our mission to keep kids active and save parents from frustrations by providing complete, accurate and up-to-date information covering the full spectrum of activities available to kids during their out-of-school time.

Our Story

Co-founders Shilpa Dalmia and Peggy Chang found themselves frustrated with by the difficulty of finding and registering for activities for their kids, both after-school and all summer long. They decided to build a solution to make this easier for all parents. Join the virtual neighborhood of happy families who use ActivityHero today!

Our Mission

To help each and every child discover learning opportunities that ignite their unique gifts and passion.

Our Vision

All children and youth have easy access to a rich diversity of in-school and out-of-school learning activities that propel them to be successful and accomplished in their life and career pursuits.


Shilpa Dalmia Co-Founder - Technology

Shilpa has over sixteen years of experience in the software industry and has worked for startups throughout her career. Faced with the challenge of finding the right after-school activities for her kids, Shilpa came up with the idea for ActivityHero. Being a parent at heart and an engineer by profession with an entrepreneurial mindset, she pursued this venture to help both parents and activity providers. Shilpa is passionate about taking up challenging roles in life, and one of her most challenging and satisfying roles has been seeking out the best for her two children.

Peggy Chang Co-Founder - SMB Solutions

With over fifteen years of experience developing industry-leading online services and software applications, Peggy has led product management teams for Intuit's QuickBooks software, Excite.com, Charles Schwab and The Los Angeles Times. She holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and engineering degrees from M.I.T. As a mom of nine-year-old and eleven-year-old children, Peggy enjoys introducing her kids to many different year-round specialty activities and sports camps.

Margo Bayne Sales and Support
Margo is the friendly person you hear when you call ActivityHero. She helps local programs use ActivityHero and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is right. She is a mom of two girls and loves to get outside to swim, hike and explore with her family. She hopes all kids will find instructors and activities that spark their creativity, build their confidence, and most of all, have fun!
Deborah Liu  Adviser
Deb Liu is the Director of Product Manager for Platform Monetization at Facebook, where she oversees Facebook Payments, Mobile App Installs Ads, and Commerce. She was recently named the 7th most influential woman in mobile adtech by Business Insider. Deb is also an adviser and angel investor. Prior to Facebook, Deb spent several years at eBay where was Director of Product for the Buyer Experience and at PayPal, where she was Director Product for the eBay business, Social Commerce and Charity. She was previously a consultant at Boston Consulting Group. She has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Duke University. She holds several payments and commerce related patents.

Deb is also the proud mom of three children.

Chandini Ammineni Adviser

Not satisfied with merely building robots and acquiring patents on control strategies at her corporate job, Chandini started off her entrepreneurial career building and selling über-cool tools to industrial automation companies before moving to Silicon Valley. Here she has worked on various web and mobile apps, including one to help pregnant moms see the heart beat of their babies on the Apple iPhone®. Being a very active person herself, Chandini is driven by ActivityHero's mission to keep kids active.

Our Circle of Heroes

Circle of Heroes is the essence of ActivityHero. It is the passionate group of likeminded parents and friends who believe that active children are happy and fulfilled children.

Understanding how hard it is to find engaging activities for children year round, these special supporters of ActivityHero have a demonstrated commitment to making it easier for parents to Keep Kids Active. Whether you’re a blogger, an active mom or a passionate dad, join this special circle and help guide ActivityHero forward to make everything easier for parents Keeping Kids Active!

A sampling of current Circle of Heroes members:

Beth Lahaie 

Beth has worked with many startup and software companies in the Silicon Valley, but her real passion is being a mom to her son who is now a college student at UNT. She was able to join both worlds together in her dream role as VP of Sales at Juice in the City, where she successfully built and led mom sales teams in 20 markets. Beth eventually returned to technology, and brought a dedication to find companies that provide flexible part-time roles for stay at home moms and share these opportunities with her network and more. Mom's always need extra dollars for kid's classes, activities, and tuition. So when a friend intro'd Beth to ActivityHero, it was natural for her to volunteer her knowledge and contribute to the strategy and growth of the sales team.

Register and join the ActivityHero Circle of Heroes today!