Best Overnight & Sleepaway Camps

Overnight camps, also known as sleep away camps or resident camps, are summer camps where children and teenagers spend a week or more away from home, staying in cabins or dormitories with other campers and supervised by trained staff. These camps provide a range of activities and experiences that help campers build new skills, make friends, and develop independence and confidence.

Overnight camps can offer a wide variety of activities, such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, sports, horseback riding, and more. Some camps may specialize in a particular activity or theme, such as music, theater, science, or outdoor adventure.

Campers are typically grouped by age and gender, and sleep in cabins or dormitories with counselors and other campers. The camp schedule is often structured with a mix of organized activities and free time, allowing campers to choose their own activities and socialize with friends.

Shop from a variety of overnight, sleepaway & resident summer camps for kids, plus find expert insights choosing and prepping for overnight trips.

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