About Us

What is ActivityHero?

ActivityHero is the best way for parents to register for after school activities and summer camps for their kids. We provide thousands of listings all over the U.S. -- with photos, descriptions, schedules and reviews -- and we make it easy for parents to filter by age, location, and date. We also make it easy to register and pay online, saving parents tons of time.

ActivityHero helps activity providers run and grow their businesses. We provide marketing tools and customer management tools to help providers connect with more families. We also provide software to help providers accept online registrations, online payments, and more. More about ActivityHero's tools for providers

The result is happy kids, parents and instructors.

Our Story

Co-founders Shilpa Dalmia and Peggy Chang are busy Silicon Valley moms.

When they were looking for activities for their kids, they found it very frustrating to not have a single resource to search, plan and book all in one place.

They decided to use their years of technology experience to build a solution for themselves and other parents like them. They dream of how to use technology to create virtual assistants for parents and providers.

Our Mission

All children and youth have easy access to a rich diversity of in-school and out-of-school learning activities that propel them to be successful and accomplished in their life and career pursuits. Activity providers stay focused on what they are passionate about. Parents spend more quality time with their children.

Our Vision

Organize all things related to activities. Offer parents and activity providers all the necessary tools and assistance to help children discover learning opportunities that ignite their unique gifts and passion.

Our Team

Peggy Chang
CEO & Co-Founder
Shilpa Dalmia
CTO & Co-Founder
Scott Lohmann
Head of Sales
William Li
Director of Engineering
Rajiv Makhijani
Director of Engineering
Katie Boyd
Head of Marketing

Our culture and core values

All of our employees embrace these core values while working together to achieve our mission.
Walk in the customer's shoes
Foster knowledge sharing and creativity
Be passionate and persistent
Create a family friendly environment
Have fun!
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