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What after school programs for art are available?

There are a wide variety of art mediums for your creative child to explore after school. Art programs include painting, movie-making, digital art, Photoshop, 3D printing, sculpture, building a website, crafts, or even origami. After school art programs can be a therapeutic outlet for children or a building block for a future career in art and design.

What are the best fun and creative after school programs?

Kids can try songwriting and voice lessons or learn how to play instruments like piano, ukulele, and guitar. Acting classes, improv, and musical theater are popular along with dance classes of all different types. For something more relaxing, there are cooking classes, baking classes, and yoga.

What kinds of academic after school programs are there?

Academic after school programs include tutoring in any subject with one-on-one tutors or group classes. Kids can get ahead in math, writing and grammar, chemistry, physics, and computer science. Coding classes are offered in Python, C++, Scratch, Javascript, and in a variety of fun game environments.

Are there after school programs in other languages?

Yes! There are classes that teach languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, Italian, and Hindi. Other classes may focus on art or music, but they will be taught in a language other than English. There are beginner, immersion, and advanced language after school programs.

What age group are after school programs for?

The age suitability depends on the class and the activity provider. While some providers can even host classes for toddlers, most classes offered are for older elementary school students, ages 8 and up. There are also many available to teenagers and high school students.

How do I choose the best after school program for my kid?

The answer is different for every child. Do they need extra, specialized help with homework and academic subjects? Find a tutor or a fun academic program to grow their interest in a subject. Do they need an outlet because they can’t sit still? Try a dance class, a fitness and wellness program, or martial arts.

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