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Nancy L. on November 10, 2022
"Dissatisfied, didn’t get zoom link and I tried calling and sending email with no success."


What are Halloween crafts that my kids can do at home?

Nail art, baking, cooking, painting, makeup and face paint, and much more! Because kids may not be able to do crafts at school or with friends this year, join an online activity and do Halloween crafts with other kids!

How often do these classes and activities meet?

Many of these classes are single-day activities because they’re especially suited for Halloween. However, most activities have multiple session date/times so you have many days to choose from!

What are some Halloween game ideas?

Costume parties, costume designing contests, Mad Libs, and trivia are all available online so your kids can all play Halloween games together.

Are there Halloween-themed academic classes?

While many of the activities are just for fun, there are some classes for Halloween science, writing, and history. Kids can practice writing, coding, and do science experiments all in a fun, Halloween-themed environment.

Are there any free Halloween activities?

Yes. There are some activities provided for free, although they may require buying some crafts materials or baking ingredients for a full experience.

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