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Janny M. on April 22, 2024
"My two boys enjoyed the time they spent during Spring Break. Great activities, got to play outside, good group of kids, and even got a few minutes... Read More


My kids have a school vacation, but I have to work. What are my options?

Camps aren’t just for summer! Holiday camps are a great way to ensure that your kids don’t spend their whole break staring at a screen. There are plenty of camps that give kids much needed “down time” or let them explore something new.

What school holidays are most common?

In the fall, you'll find day camps for Columbus Day (or Indigenous Peoples Day), Veterans Day, and the week of Thanksgiving. Christmas/Winter Break, MLK Day, President's Day (or Ski Week) and Spring Break are most common holidays in the winter and spring. Limited activities are also available for Memorial Day.

How early should I enroll my kids in a school vacation camp?

We recommend registering for holiday camp at least a month before each school break to get the best selection and avoid being waitlisted. Last minute registrations are usually welcome, but it helps the teachers plan ahead if you book early.

Does my child have to attend a whole session or can they do a day or two?

Parents often schedule family time or travel during holiday breaks, so many holiday camps allow parents to schedule kids for single days. Or they might have a half day camp if you're doing a staycation but still want to get out of the house for a bit.

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