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Victorious P. on July 24, 2023
"My daughter loves Upstander and Master Alonzo. I appreciate his background in child development and teaching. He is clear and firm with love and... Read More


What is the best style of martial arts for my kids?

All styles help build kids' character and strength. What may matter more is finding a place that suits their personality. Do they like tournaments? Smaller or larger classes? Doing things with school friends? Visit a few schools and let your kids watch (or take) a class.

How old should my child be to begin martial arts?

All ages can benefit. Little kids build fitness and focus, while learning a few skills and terms. Older kids do more complex drills and discuss philosophy. Martial arts schools have beginner classes for all age groups, so it’s never too late to start, even as an adult.

Can martial arts training help prevent bullying?

Yes! Martial arts classes instill self-confidence, making kids less likely to be targeted. They teach kids respect and leadership, so they won’t bully others. Many schools even offer anti-bullying programs, which teach kids what to do if they see a problem.

How safe is martial arts training?

The most common injuries in the martial arts are scrapes and bruises! Wearing proper safety gear and using good technique helps prevent injuries. Still concerned? Ask the school’s owner what safety practices they follow.

How much time do kids need to devote to martial arts?

Classes last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes (or longer for teens and adults). Training less than twice per week can make it difficult to build strength and master skills. Ask prospective schools what they recommend for your child.

Will martial arts make my kids more aggressive?

The opposite is true. Good martial arts schools teach students when to use their skills and when not to. Self-control is part of the curriculum. Students take pride in behaving as model citizens because they know it reflects well on their school.

Special Thanks to the following for helping us answer these questions!

- Victoria and Fernando Navarrete, Navarrete’s Black Belt Academy, San Francisco, CA

- Bill Soto, Soto’s Martial Arts, Appleton, WI

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