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Desiree H. on July 22, 2023
"My daughter is the third child we sent to camp. My sons have so much great stories about their experiences and shared them with their siblings. My... Read More


What are the benefits of an overnight camp?

Overnight camps can help build your child's independence, confidence, and develop interests away from screens. They can also help create long lasting friendships!

Will my child enjoy an overnight camp?

Kids do best if they’re open, flexible, and positive about new experiences. Kids who prefer the indoors and solo activities may do better with a shorter stay or an academic-themed overnight camp.

How do I prepare my child for an overnight camp?

Sleep away camp shouldn’t be your child’s first time away from home without parents. For new campers or kids 8 or younger, start with overnights at homes of friends or family.

Should my child sign up with a friend?

Some kids do, but if not, they may experience more personal growth. Being with a new group of kids means they get to shed the expectations that people have of them at home, which can be freeing.

What should I ask about camp staff?

A few good questions: How many are adults? Are any of them former camp kids? What experience and training do they have? How many kids are there per staff member? How many years have they worked there?

How should I choose an overnight or sleepaway camp?

Involve your child in researching and selecting where they will go. Kids will have a better time if they are headed somewhere that they chose and that has activities that interest them.

Special Thanks to the following for helping us answer these questions!

- Michael Richards, Science Camps of America, Pahala, HI

- Lee Tempkin, Camp Chrysalis, Berkeley, CA

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