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"My kids really enjoy the lego class with Lando! Hoping they will have something involved with motor down the road."


What can my kids learn from LEGO® classes?

For younger kids, working on LEGO® projects help improve focus, creative thinking, and emotional control. For older kids with more complicated projects, following instructions and designing builds can help with fundamental engineering skills as well.

What are the benefits of a LEGO® class?

Instead of playing with LEGO® on their own, kids can talk to each other while building creations and share ideas. They have the chance to develop communication skills while having fun with each other. They can all learn from each other and engage in meaningful conversations.

What subjects are taught in LEGO® classes?

Lego can be a tool used to teach a variety of subjects, like robotics, math, animals and biomes, outer space, and history.

What materials will my kids need for LEGO® classes?

For online classes, kids use the LEGO® that they have available at home. For classes that incorporate more advanced aspects such as LEGO® Mindstorms Robotics or programming with Scratch, kids may need to order a special kit and have access to a laptop as well.

What are good activities for kids who love LEGO®?

There are many robotics competitions and programs that use LEGO® to build. Getting started with LEGO® classes at a young age can give kids a head start with building and programming and promote interest in robotics and engineering in the future.

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