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How can I tell if a summer camp is a good one?

Ask for references from other parents. Find out what background the instructors have and what their specialties are. Check out ratings on ActivityHero and elsewhere on the web.

What are the benefits of attending summer camps?

Summer camps allow your child to develop new lifelong skills in addition to promoting independence and teach teamwork in a setting where one may be performing a new activity without a parent.

How can I be best prepared before starting camp?

Ensure that you inform your child what to expect at the camp you have registered for. Follow any safety instructions and protocols as outlined by the camp. Be aware of camp medical policies and specific food options depending on allergies.

How can I find a camp that accommodates someone with special needs?

On, you can specifically search for camps that accommodate special needs in the search box. In addition, contact the specific camp that you want to enroll in to ensure that you and your child feel well supported.

What are good questions to ask camps before dropping off my child?

Some good questions to ask are: What is the camp's philosophy? What is the camper to instructor ratio? What are the options for my child with specific food allergies? What does a day at camp look like? What are the Covid-19 policies? How can I ensure my child will feel safe and welcome at camp? How can I find references to your camp?

How can I register for multiple camps?

When you find a camp you like through, you can register directly from the website, choose specific dates, and then add it to your cart. You can add as many activities as you would like to your cart before registering in one go.

Is my child ready for summer camp?

Select a camp that offers the opportunity for your child to learn and develop new skills while participating in activities that supplement their existing skill set. Having fun is another key ingredient to a successful camp experience. If you're able, enroll in a camp that supports your child's favorite hobby.

What can my child expect to learn at summer camp?

There are so many types of summer camps available nowadays. Take advantage of all the amazing options that make sense for your child! Summer camps provide the opportunity for children to explore a new extra-curricular activity through being outdoors and sports or discover new interests for learning enrichment with art and science, to name just a few.

What is a good age for kids to start summer camp?

The youngest age that most camps offer enrollment is generally pre-school (age 4+) with the requirement that your child is potty trained. All camps are different, so be sure to keep an eye out for the age ranges during your search.

How much does a kids' summer camp cost?

From online to in-person, prices will depend on the type of experiences being considered.

How many weeks do summer camps last?

There are a variety of options from daily drop-ins to weekly and even for several weeks and extended overnight stays. Find the best cadence that fits your family's schedule and needs.

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