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Which kids can benefit from private tutoring?

Tutoring can certainly help kids who are struggling, but it’s also ideal for kids who want to get ahead, improve test scores, or keep mentally active during summer. Kids who have learning disabilities or unique learning styles can particularly benefit from individualized instruction.

What can I expect from a good tutor?

The best tutors have expertise in their subject matter. Educators, grad students, and experts in their field all make excellent tutors. In the first session, the tutor should ask expectations and concerns you and your child have, and then customize the curriculum accordingly.

How much time does it take for tutoring to impact grades?

Typically kids can raise their grade by one level after 8 hours of tutoring. This is true whether the tutoring is 1 hour for 8 days or two 4-hour sessions. If your child is not improving after this many hours, talk to the child’s tutor. If they can't explain why, consider seeking a different tutor.

How can I find the right tutor for my child?

Look for a tutor who specializes in what your child needs. (Are they shy? Do they have a learning disability?) Some tutoring services share parent ratings so you can view their track record. Remember that all kids are different. If they don’t click after a few sessions, try a different instructor.

Where does tutoring usually take place?

This, too, is very individual. Some will come to your home, others have the child visit their workplace, and still others will agree to meet in a library or other public venue. Consider what is most convenient for you, as well as what is the best environment for your child. If your home is noisy, going elsewhere may be ideal.

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutors can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 per session. The cost varies widely depending on geographical location, the tutor’s expertise, and the payment arrangement. Some tutoring services require payment up front, while others allow you to pay as you go.

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