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Learning Pods To Support Online School

Learning pods are small, in-person groups of children who learn together with the support of a teacher or facilitator.

These ‘pandemic pods’ are rapidly gaining support as parents find new ways to support their child’s virtual learning. Working parents and families with multiple children are struggling to find a path forward while balancing work and home responsibilities. Other children need specialized learning support, better facilitated by a tutor or licensed teacher.

Types of Learning Pods

  1. Enrichment Provider – held in a facility, or in family’s home
  2. Parent co-op – coordinated by a few families
  3. Micro School – one or more teachers who may be credentialed
  4. Digital or Virtual pod – a group that meets online 

Enrichment Provider Learning Pods

Learning pods coordinated by local businesses are in very high demand. These small groups are either held on-site at a facility or in a host families home. These types of pods are a good fit if a parent is not able to oversee distance learning support at home.

The credentials and experience of the facilitator vary by program. While some might offer a licensed teacher, others may employ tutors or camp counselors. In most cases, each student would need their own computer, headphones, face covering, and other school supplies.

Many provider learning pods will follow the child’s distance learning school curriculum – keeping the child on task and engaged with their teachers via Zoom. Some providers offer both distance learning support and an after school enrichment program for extended care.

Provider learning pods are in very limited supply across the country due to both the new concept and the small group size. Therefore, available programs are filling up very fast on ActivityHero.

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Are you a business offering learning pods in your community? Learn more about creating a listing on ActivityHero.

Parent Co-Op Learning Pods

Provider learning pods can be costly and have limited availability. As a result, some families have opted to form Parent Co-Ops. These parent-led groups help share the responsibility of both childcare and distance learning support. These types of pods can help parents who may have some flexibility with their work schedule. However, they may need the support of other parents for specific days or subject matters.

Parent led groups, in collaboration with your child’s online learning curriculum, are a very affordable alternative to full-time child care. Families often agree to take turns watching the small group, splitting up the responsibility of keeping children engaged during the day.

To support neighbors working together, ActivityHero has created a free option for parents to post available spots in their local pod.

Create a free listing indicating your child’s school and ages to coordinate with other families in your area. Host your own pod and receive an ActivityHero Live class for FREE each week for all your pod members for one month! (up to $400 savings value).

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Use our Planner feature to collaborate with other families in your learning pod. You can add custom events to detail your pod schedules and find providers with after school activities that fit your children’s needs. 

Micro School

The term micro school existed prior to 2020, but the idea has gained popularity amid school closures. A micro school is often a co-op but with a credentialed teacher facilitating learning for a small group of children.

A micro school is a great option for families seeking more specialized instruction by a credentialed teacher in their home. Multiple families with children of similar ages are able to hire a teacher and split the cost.

If you are a teacher or tutor, you can now offer your services to families in your area. ActivityHero has made it extremely fast and easy to create your custom listing – describe your experience, availability, and set your own price. For more information, read more about the licensing requirements for launching a micro school.

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Digital or Virtual Learning Pod

Each family has different needs when it comes to supporting their child’s distance learning. For some children with health concerns or those who live with a high risk family member, virtual learning pods could be a good option.

These types of pods are when a group of children take a series of after school or enrichment classes together. Taking online classes with friends can help support social connections. These are also a great option for homeschool families. Use the ActivityHero Planner feature to set up a calendar and invite friends to join you.

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