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Which kids can benefit from after school academic classes?

All of them! Some programs offer extended care with homework help. Others give kids tools to advance in math, writing, debate, or public speaking. Still others provide test prep for Common Core, SATs, and ACTs.

How can I find a quality academic instructor?

The best ones have experience in the subject matter as well as in teaching, such as professors, teachers, published experts, and coaches for academic competitions. Also ask current students who they like and why.

How can I help raise my kids’ test scores?

Look for a program that offers this as its main goal. Other schools may work on study skills, teamwork, and creativity. This usually raises grades, too, but test-taking isn’t their focus.

How are academic classes different from tutoring?

Often, tutoring involves the student listening and the tutor personalizing the instruction. In small group classes, though, kids can do team projects. They’ll also be able to learn from other kids’ ideas and questions.

How much do academic classes cost?

Some charge per class. Others per session. Costs vary widely. This is an investment in your child’s future, as are lessons in sports and the arts. The key: Find a program that meshes with your philosophy and budget.

Special Thanks to the following for helping us answer these questions!

- Darrell Dela Cruz, Communication Academy in Cupertino, CA
- Abby Hunt, Wyzant
- Winnie Wong, PhD, EDNova Academy, San Mateo, CA

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