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Tips and tricks to running online classes

Most families are now home with their kids, the need to keep kids engaged is even stronger now. We’re here to help you get up to speed on how to publicize your online class, get registrations, and run it smoothly.


Keep reading for our tips and tricks on running online classes.

How to Set Up Your
Online Classes on ActivityHero

When adding a new activity, select the activity type “Online Class”. Select this even if it’s a camp.

If your activity is free, also add the category tag “Free Activities”

Your activity will appear in the Live, Interactive Classes for Kids search results.

Fill out the rest of your activity and session information as usual. Don’t forget some great photos!

If you need further assistance please reach out to [email protected]


Tips for Online Class Success

Suggested Pricing

Classes that charge $10-15 per session receive the most registrations.

Suggested Age Range

If your activity can be done by multiple family members, consider classifying it as "all ages" then add a suggested ages group in your activity description

Suggested Length

Keep kids engaged by limiting your class to 45-60 minutes. Older kids can take slightly longer classes, but build in some breaks.

Video Platforms to Consider

There are many video platforms to choose from. Choosing which one may be right for you may depend on the type of class you are instructing. It may be helpful to check with parents or co-teachers to understand how best to connect with your audience. Most platforms offer a free or trial version. Here are some to consider.



up to 40 minutes per meeting on free plan

good for big groups, up to 100 attendees




no time limit

good for medium groups, up to 50 attendees



Free for Google accounts

no time limit

good for 1-on-1 classes



no time limit

good for big groups, up to 100 attendees

We are actively working to support the local businesses who cannot host in-person camps and classes due to “stay-at-home” order. To help them transition to online teaching, we have created the ActivityHero Live channel, where we invite guest teachers to conduct free online classes on the ActivityHero Zoom channel.

ActivityHero Live Provider Benefits:

  • Expand your audience
  • Get experience running a large online class
  • Earn some cash or ActivityHero boost credit for teaching your class (families make voluntary contributions when they register for the free class)

What to Expect:

  • 30-minute training session with an
  • ActivityHero team member prior to your session date 
    An ActivityHero team member will assist you and students during the session
  • Conduct a class that engages a large number of kids, some classes have 300 or more attendees! All students are muted, but you can see them on-screen and can read their comments. 

Examples of Previous ActivityHero Live Classes

Become a Guest Teacher on ActivityHero Live

Fill out the form below to apply to become a guest teacher. All types of activities for all age ranges are welcome to our daily sessions