Winter Break Activity Guide:
Online Classes Edition

The best online classes & activities for kids to fill gaps during Winter Break & more.

The Official School Holiday Activity Guide features our most popular and trending classes on ActivityHero that can be attended from home – including academic support & tutoring, music, coding, art, LEGO®, and more! Learn more about updated programs for upcoming school holidays – including curriculum, group sizes, and flexible schedules.

Founded by former Google Product Director and Stanford graduates, Create & Learn is an award winning online computer science education program for grades K-12. We offer 25+ fun topics including Scratch coding, Minecraft coding, Python, Robotics, AI, Arduino, Cloud Computing and many more.

Spend school break as an adventuring hero with Gaming Together, working with friends to complete quests and save the world! Made popular for a new generation by the TV show Stranger Things, Dungeons & Dragons gives your child opportunities to try out new identities and cultivate their improvisation and role-playing skills. This is a screen-free activity your child will beg to do.

At EDMO®, science and songs go together. Art compliments design. Coding builds friendships. Getting messy and making mistakes are celebrated. That’s why our programs, whether in-person or online, are hands-on, interactive and fun. Join EDMO for online school holiday sessions in art, science, Minecraft and more during Winter Break.

Join TechKnowHow for engaging and educational in-person Winter Break programs, including Minecraft & LEGO Creators Camp and LEGO Adventure Builders Winter Break Camp! Camp locations include Cupertino, Palo Alto, and San Francisco.

Computer Kids Club offers special school holiday online camps for Winter Break, and more! Their S.T.E.A.M. camps are designed to give your child an overall computer science education along with enjoying a FUN, theme based program.

For our Christmas & New Year’s camp, students will learn a Math activity with Christmas lights, decorate ornaments and Christmas trees and design a festive holiday project while learning graphic design tools in Google Slides! 

If you love CSI and forensics, this online STEM camp with Natl CSI is for you! Taught by current and former detectives (how cool is that!), this one week Winter Break Camp is packed with hands-on activities to learn what it takes to become a crime scene investigator, taking about 90 minutes per day.   Each student gets their own CSI Lab Kit shipped to them before the virtual class.

Sony KOOV is the all-in-one coding, robotics and design kit that combines digital coding with physical building to teach the next generation of innovators. Programs are available for Thanksgiving and Winter Break! Your child will learn how to use KOOV in this online robotics and coding camp focused on block programming, computer logic and problem solving. Each day will include one hour of live instruction. 

Why do the lights turn on when I flip a switch? What makes the wheels spin on a car? How does my night light turn on automatically when I turn off the lights? And where does all that energy come from?

Happy Clouds classes explore and find answers to all these questions and more in a world where technology plays a role in every part of our lives using Snap Circuits.

Pixical Piano, Guitar & Art Learning strive to remove barriers of distance, time & boredom to help children enjoy the process or learning piano. We do this by delivering a masterclass experience through our empathetic & inspiring teachers, modern pedagogy, handcrafted product experience combined with loads of fun. The Pixical Curio online program offers 1:1 instruction, studio performance class each week, exclusive access to a community to discuss all things piano, and much more! Free trial classes available.

Pixemy offers kids a variety of online classes to explore, ranging from Visual and Digital art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Coding & Game Design, Chess, Cooking, Filmmaking, Financial literacy and more. Free trial classes available.

Join forces with international award-winning astronomer and consultant to NASA, Kevin Manning, a man on no ordinary mission. Kevin founded Look Up to the Stars with a mission to generate interest and foster scientific literacy in students nationwide through the delivery of awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining astronomy programs.

The New York Society of Play provides online game workshops over zoom, focusing on social and emotional development for kids ages 6-13. Come play Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Pokemon Battles, and more! Our childcare specialists are experts at fostering growth through cooperative gameplay.

Code Wiz offers a wide range of individualized STEM programs for kids aged 7-17, each tailored to the students’ skill level. Watch your kids expand their creativity through computer science! Our approach is student-driven, project-based learning. We offer classes for Robotics, Minecraft modding, Roblox, Game design, Animations, Digital Art, Mobile app development, Java, Python, and more.

Choreography by Rae is a performing arts & creative arts educational center that has provided self-confidence boosting programming since 2015. Founded by Rae Wilson (aka Ms. Rae) in New York City, as a way to help people of all ages amplify their voice through movement. Our motto is anyone can dance, even if you have 2 left feet. This 100% female-owned, black-owned business is proud to now offer more than dance – including chess, coding, drawing, drama and more .

The Art in Science was developed by a scientist and an artist to Instill a love of science in young kids (ages 4-12) via an innovative curriculum.  In this unique program, the kids learn various science topics (Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and more) with hands-on activities that turn into interesting artworks pleasing to the eye and intriguing to the mind.

Role-playing is a fully immersive creative blend of game, improv, and writing. It’s not just fun – Luck of Legends games are Common Core aligned and designed to teach, emphasizing non-violent problem-solving, teaching kids to out-talk, out-think, or out-maneuver challenges as heroes on a fantastic adventure. The format lets kids experience powerful and dramatic moments together, which can do something that’s usually impossible online: allow for genuine relationships to grow. 

Beyond the diverse set of online programs we have to offer, what is special about Ivy Camps USA Online is that we take an interdisciplinary approach to remote instruction whereby we foster growth, encourage exploration, and sustain motivation through play and thought-provoking games. Classes include a wide range of topics, including: outer space, public speaking, backyard biology, acting, and more.

Founded in 2012, Coderise focuses on Software development training. It is our mission to teach kids age 8-12 the digital skills they require in today’s digitized world. They learn basic programming skills by creating websites and online games – including Minecraft, Roblox, and web development.

The Los Angeles School of Music offers fun and engaging music lessons and classes on piano, voice, guitar, and more! Our online classes are always live and interactive.

Our music teachers are professionals with at least a Bachelor of Music, and most have a Master of Music degree, from schools such as CalArts, UCLA, and USC. All instructors have years of teaching and performance experience.