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Ideas for Your Spring Break Camp at Home

Staycation has taken on a new meaning during the pandemic. Discover virtual spring break camps at home this year with these fun alternatives.

  • Explore a State or National Park virtually
  • Research authentic cuisine from a foreign country, then prepare some of the dishes as a family. Need some guidance? Take an online cooking class.
  • Have your kids pick a country, state or destination they would like to go on a “dream vacation”. Watch YouTube videos, read books and pretend you are there.
  • Host a Virtual Game Night with friends through Zoom.
  • Plant seeds for a garden — veggies, herbs, and/or flowers.
  • Fly a kite or teach kids another low-tech activity you loved as a child.
  • Create your own mini golf course in your house or yard.
  • Create a music video to a favorite song.
  • Take an online class as a family – in art, music, yoga or something else you all enjoy.

How to Display Your Spring Break Ideas

Instead of writing down your ideas on a sheet of paper, you can boost everyone’s excitement by typing up the list using fun fonts in bright colors. Put a small check-box beside each item so you can X it when it’s complete.

Another option: Write down each idea on a small slip of paper, fold the papers in half, and place them in a clean bucket or sand pail. Then when someone says that they’re “boooorrrrrrrrrred,” tell them to go to the bucket and select an activity.

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Need a Little Break Yourself?

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