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10 Fun Winter Break Activities To Do With Kids

This December, entertain your little ones with these fantastic DIY Christmas crafts! From snowflake ornaments to Christmas wreaths, these arts and crafts are sure to spread holiday cheer.

As Winter Break approaches, many families find themselves navigating the challenge of keeping kids entertained without the option of traveling to exotic destinations. Don’t worry, you can still give the kids a memorable and fulfilling winter break from the comfort of your hometown. From indoor camping adventures to DIY science experiments, these activities are designed to not only fend off boredom but also foster a deeper connection among family. So, put away those travel brochures and explore the joy of creating lasting memories without packing your bags!

1. Host a family paint and sip!

Make it a cozy family evening by hosting a family paint-and-sip session with a creative twist. Set up your art supplies, gather the family around the table, put up a hot cocoa bar, and let the creativity flow with a self-paced online art lesson.

2. Visit an indoor playground or trampoline park

Venture out to an indoor playground or trampoline park for a burst of family fun. These exciting spaces offer boundless entertainment, with colorful structures and gravity-defying trampolines ensuring kids of all ages burn off energy with laughter and adventure. So, when the weather outside is chilly, let the indoor playground or trampoline park be your haven, where the warmth of joy and active play create lasting family memories.

3. Go bowling!

Elevate your evening with a bowling night. The clatter of falling pins and the neon lights of “cosmic” bowling at some allies set the stage for shared joy among family and friends of all ages. Bowling is a fun and engaging outing that can transform an ordinary night into a memorable and budget-friendly experience. Check out these discounted family bowling packages from Bowlero for your next night out.

4. Explore your local library

Local libraries know when kids are out of school and often host storytimes and other events that are perfect for families. Check your library’s schedule for themed book readings or even book clubs for various age groups and encourage a love for reading in a fun setting within your community. Plus, watch for special movie nights, craft events, open play hours, LEGO clubs, holiday parties, homework help, and more!

5. Cook or bake together

Bring the family together in the kitchen for a joyful cooking or baking session, turning mealtime into a shared adventure. Beyond the delicious results, this collaborative effort teaches kids valuable food preparation skills and fosters creativity. Consider enhancing the experience by enrolling in an online cooking class for added fun and interactive learning. Transform your kitchen into a classroom of flavors, laughter, and lasting family memories.

6. Have a family game night

Dust off those old board games and have an epic family game night! As you gather around the table, the familiar boxes promise an evening of shared laughter, friendly competition, and perhaps a touch of strategic planning. Board games provide a fun and interactive way for families to bond, fostering laughter, friendly competition, and lasting memories. Whether you opt for classic favorites or explore new additions to the game shelf, let the joy of family game night become a cherished tradition that brings smiles into your home.

7. Explore Science Together

Gather the family around the kitchen table for a day of fun and learning with some simple science experiments. With a few simple materials from around the house, you can create colorful explosions with baking soda and vinegar, build a mini volcano with baking soda, dish soap, and food coloring, or make batches of gooey slime. 

8. Have the Kids put on a Magic Show 

Unleash the inner magician in your child by encouraging them to take an online magic class like Learn Magic Tricks Like a Pro and stage their own magic show for the family. Turn your living room into a makeshift stage with props and decorations, and let their passion and enthusiasm shine through. Beyond the show, encourage family bonding and knowledge sharing through the power of magic.

9. Go to the Movies

Treat the whole family to a cinematic adventure by getting discounted tickets from Cinemark, Regal, or AMC, turning an ordinary movie night into an affordable and exciting outing. Whether you opt for the latest family-friendly release or indulge in the nostalgia of theaters re-releasing classic holiday-themed movies, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

10. Roast marshmallows

Gather around a glowing fire pit in the yard and let flames dance under the starry winter sky. Even without a fireplace, you can create warmth and memories by building a cozy fire – whether in a fire pit, or your backyard grill. Skewer fluffy marshmallows, toast them to golden perfection, and let each bite build winter break memories.

While school is on a break for a few weeks, there are still plenty of opportunities for children and their families to learn and have fun during the holidays! Whether your child is interested in arts and crafts, science experiments, or coding adventures, ActivityHero offers in-person Winter Break Camps, as well as virtual classes and workshops that engage young minds and cater to all interests.