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7 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Swimming

One of the most profound activities during the summer is taking a dip in a swimming pool or other body of water. Aside from the break it can give you from the heat, there are other great benefits to encouraging your children to embrace swimming whenever possible. Some of them can follow the child into adulthood. Why should you help your child take to the water as often as possible?

1. Life Saving – Many people are faced with a situation where swimming and treading water can save their life on a regular basis. Teaching your children how to swim now can prevent them from becoming a victim to water later on. There are too many ways that a person can drown and your child may need that skill sooner than you may realize.

2. Exercise – Swimming is one of the most beneficial of exercises in order to promote a healthier living. A wide range of muscles are being used while you are in the water and could provide a great method for your children to maintain a healthy disposition. Although they won’t come out of the water looking like the Incredible Hulk, it can still burn a great deal of calories and keep the muscles trim.

3. Cheaper – Depending on where you live, swimming can be a cheap form of entertainment for your children. Considering that some activities could cost you $40 or more per hour, depending on the number of children, swimming could cost far less. If you live near a public river, pond, or lake, this entertainment could even be free.

4. Exhaustion – If you have children that simply have too much energy at night, a day of swimming could easily put them to sleep. Swimming can be quite a physically strenuous activity and could easily burn up any excess energy your children could have. This could help you get a full-nights rest as well as your children – especially during the summer.

5. Relaxing – For the same reasons that many adults take to the water, a child can swim in order to work out his or her frustrations. While we may scoff at what a child views as stressful, bear in mind that they are experiencing many things for the first time. While we have the benefit of knowledge, he or she may see it as a dire situation. Swimming can help relieve tensions and stresses.

6. Preventing Future Physical Problems – Along the same lines as exercise above, swimming can help keep your body toned and agile. Increased stamina, decreased chances of type II diabetes, reduction in heart disease and many other aspects can be derived from taking to the water on a regular basis.

7. Fun – When given the option, most children would rather go swimming or visit a water park than most other activities. A great deal of enjoyment can be derived from swimming and can attract a wide range of people. There is simply something about water that humans cannot live without – aside from the obvious fact of needing it to survive.

Swimming can be a form of recreation, a lifestyle for some, or the means to survive from drowning. Promoting swimming within your home can help keep everyone healthier and provide an activity that doesn’t have to cost $40 per hour to enjoy. Encourage your children to swim and witness for yourself the benefits that can be had.

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