Clever Crafts to Showcase Old Pointe Shoes

If you were once a ballerina, maybe it’s time to see if your kids want to follow in your footsteps — and dance steps. Get them interested by digging out your old costumes and shoes and letting them play dress-up … or sort through your piles of retired pointe shoes and work together on one […]

After-School Activities

The After School Bully: What to Do, When to Leave

It may not be common, but it’s possible for kids to encounter bullies in after school programs, too. Here’s what to do (and when to find something new).


The Dance Class Dilemma: Should I Drop My Kid Off … or Stay and Watch?

Do kids do better with their parents in the wings, on the sidelines, or on the other side of the observation window? A former childhood ballerina tackles this tough question by taking a good look at her past — and how it relates to her own ballerina-daughter’s experience today. By Katie Femia Every time you […]