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Best Camps, Classes & Kids’ Activities of 2018

ActivityHero announces the best camps, classes, and kids’ activities of 2018 — based on reviews and votes from families.

Thousands of parents reviewed and voted for camps and classes on ActivityHero, and the following 36 providers have been awarded the “Best of 2018” badge on ActivityHero. Thank you to all the reviewers for sharing their experience with families on ActivityHero!

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Best Sports Camps & Classes of 2018

Coach Ken Soccer Academy

Los Altos, California
Also a Best of 2015, 2016, & 2017!
“Both of our daughters have played Coach Ken soccer and we love it! He and his staff took the time to get to know our girls individually and push and encourage them in specific areas. We also appreciate that Coach Ken has lots of excellent female coaches that our daughters can look up to. We love the mix of fun with serious soccer development. Our girls have now moved to club soccer and were well prepared with Coach Ken soccer. We have recommended friends and family and will continue to do so.”
– Amy, July 2018
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AK Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc.

Carlsbad, California
“They are fast paced, always different, engaging, interactive and just large enough to be fun but not too large. We spend at least half of our summers at AK camps!”
– Kristin, May 2018
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Rocky Mountain Self Defense

Denver, Colorado
“Rocky Mountain Self Defense makes the world seem a little less frightening. They teach you how to face this world so you won’t be another number and if something goes wrong they will help you through it. A safe, fun and great way to learn how to defend yourself with yet another great bonus of getting in better shape.”
– Brittany, May 2018
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Freedom in Motion Gym

Murrietta, Georgia
“The coaches at FIM are absolutely amazing, your son is in little jumps, he has learned much more than just parkour techniques/skills. He’s able to pay more attention in a busy environment and his physical confidence has increased 10 fold. I can’t recommend them enough. I am truly happy that we have access to such a great facility and team. Great work FIM team.”
– Alex, July 2018
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Golden Bear Gymnastics

Berkeley, California
2018 Grant Contest Finalist
“As a mother of a competitive gymnast, my daughter and I have experienced many different classes, coaches, and opportunities offered by Golden Bear Gymnastics. All of the coaches are well trained and very respectful to the sport and to the children especially. They encourage and praise every accomplishment and effort made. They have encouraged and helped my daughter to become not only a stronger gymnast, but a stronger person with self confidence and passion.”
– Anita, May 2018
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Spartan Allstars

La Canada Flintridge, California
Also a Best of 2015, 2016 & 2017!
“Andre absolutely enjoyed the camp last week! It was very well organized and he got to try so many different sports. He was very happy and also tired when we picked him up, which is a great thing! He loved the fact that he was able to watch the World Cup and also that he was with his buddies the entire week (we had completed the friend request:). Thanks for doing such a great job!! As a parent I really liked receiving photos during the week. Really appreciated the early pick up text system. It works well. My kids are happy and we are happy as well. Next year we’ll commit to more than one week for sure. Thank you to the great staff for the very fun week!!!”
– Kristine, July 2018
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Tri-City Storm Soccer Club

Fargo, North Dakota
2018 Grant Contest Finalist

“The program and the coaches are top notch. The expertise and experience the program brings to our kids that participate are such an asset to Fargo-Moorhead. Beyond soccer skills, kids are taught about teamwork and communication which are life skills that will last well beyond their time in the program.”
– Josh, May 2018
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Best Science/Technology Camps & Classes of 2018

The Game Academy

San Rafael, California
“Game Academy is the highlight of my son’s week in the school year and of course, if they do summer camps, he will be in 3 out of 4 camps! Thank you, Game Academy, for all the hours of fun, hands on activities, outdoor play and socio-emotional learning.”
– Pranathi, July 2018
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Flymore Academy

Palo Alto, California
“After several sessions with these guys and they were off to the races… taking videos… editing and making these cool videos… They are actually excited to use it now. They’ve even gotten friends into it and they feel confident enough to pass the controls over to them and teach them how to fly it. So the Flymore guys took a drone that was collecting dust and about to be sold on eBay… to igniting interest in my kids to use and understand a technology that is getting more and more advanced. And we’ve gotten some really cool family trip videos at the beach and mountains that we will have forever. (All without destroying a single drone!)”
– David, May 2018
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The Scholar Ship

Austin, Texas
“Amazing place for children to learn STEM fun activities. Great location and owners make this store a staple in our community. The owner is fantastic and knowledgeable about numerous topics related to science and coding. My daughter loves attending the kids night out as well as summer camps. Just an amazing resource for our community.”
– Brian, May 2018
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Youth Technology Learning Center, (YTLC)

Duluth, Georgia
2018 Grant Contest Finalist

“Highly recommended! I was so excited to find a technology class for my 4 year old. The teachers are amazing! I was so impressed by the level of patience that is involved in teaching a 4 year old coding. They are flexible and most c importantly, may kid loves to go. Reasonable prices!”
– Engrid, May 2018
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LifeTechforKIDS, LLC

Union City, California
“LifeTech (Bio-Science & Tech) is one of a kind program for young minds that opens doors for interesting learning experiences in life. I am glad there are options for kids outside of the conventional coding and math programs. Instructor Sudha has years of experience in the biotech and in a way she is giving back to the society by imparting her knowledge and experience to kids who aspire to be scientists or would like to learn about life-tech. Highly recommended!!!”
– Manish, June 2018
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Best Music & Performing Arts Camps & Classes of 2018

Rock Band Land

San Francisco, California
Also a Best of 2016 & 2017!
2018 Grant Contest Silver Prize Winner!
“This is the first camp my son ASKED to attend after walking past many times and meeting them out at the park. Other camps he felt overwhelmed with or forgotten but this was the right fit for him. He would come home excited. I so appreciate the work that goes into this kind of program and how awesome and creative it is. Thank you Rock Band! See you guys soon!!”
– Nicole, August 2018
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CYT Houston

Spring, Texas
“This place was so formative in my development of skills specific to the arts but also in life. I am now pursuing a career as a performer and I would not be where I am without the training I received at CYT. On top of teaching kids how to better their craft, this organization provides a safe Judeo/Christian environment for kids to explore their faith and enjoy fellowship with other believers while bonding over a shared love of the theatre.”
– Jacob, April 2018
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Ms. Marian’s Dance Garden

San Francisco, California
“Ms. Marian has taught dance to our daughter for nearly six years. What I love most about Marian is her welcoming kids of all abilities, her ability to engage even the shyest child, and her amazing energy and dedication to bringing lyrical movement to kids.”
– Esther, June 2018
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New York, New York
“I am currently taking my 4th grand daughter to Rock-a-Baby and all 4 of them have loved it. Whatever will I do when I run out of kids ?”
– Denise, May 2018
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Royal Stage Performing and Visual Arts

Roseville, California
“We have been a part if Royal Stage for a little over year now. My daughter takes the ballet class for kids. The teacher is wonderful, patient, & kind. Everyone that I have met from Royal Stage is the same way. We even held a birthday party there & my daughters were overjoyed! Everyone had a great time & they organized everything so that I didn’t have to stress. I would recommend Royal Stage (and I have) to anyone, especially those who just want to try out an art form or have children who are interested in the Arts. It is a fun & supportive environment that focuses on self-worth, positivity, & hard work.”
– Amanda, May 2018
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Kid Stock

San Francisco, California
Also a Best of 2015 & 2016!
2018 Grant Contest Finalist
“Kidstock is by far my kids’ favorite camp! We’ve signed up 5 years in a row. The counselors are kind, genuine and talented. The kids have so much fun dancing, singing, acting and learning camp songs and jokes. But more importantly they use their creativity, take risks, gain confidence and make friends. I also love that it is a no frills, affordable, down-to-earth environment with the kids’ best interest at heart:)”
– Monique, June 2018
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Best Creative Arts Camps & Classes of 2018

The Art Beat

Campbell, California
Also a Best of 2016 & 2017!
“This camp is amazing, my daughters enjoyed it very much.they created beautiful pieces of art including a fairy house with clay and other materials. This is the second year my daughters return to such a fun camp. I would recommend it 100%”
– Perla, June 2018
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CD’s Kids Art Studio

San Jose, California
Also a Best of 2015, 2016 & 2017!
“I highly recommend any class you can get with her! My son has taken 3 years of art classes with CD. She is able to teach him art, while allowing him to express himself as an individual. She celebrates his art being “different” from others, and gives him the freedom to explore without boundaries. He absolutely loves CD and I feel that she has truly nurtured the true artist in him!”
– Debra, August 2018
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Best Specialty Camps & Classes of 2018

Project Ember

Multiple Locations, Bay Area California
2018 Grant Contest Grand Prize Winner!
“”It was the biggest structure I had ever built and it was my first time building.” Those were the words of my daughter, filled with pride and excitement. My eldest opened up more throughout the course of the week due to the constant atmosphere of community. My youngest learned the value of teamwork and that hard work pays off. Being unplugged for a week allowed them to engage more with their surroundings giving them the full Project Ember experience. By far my kids’ favorite camp and the best decision I could’ve made for them. I fully stand by this camp and recommend it to any parent.”
– Silvia, July 2018
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Junior Chef University

Multiple Locations, Los Angeles California
“What a pleasure it is to see these young children learning the fundamentals of healthy cooking. Cathey and Sunshine have a passion for opening these doors for the children in the community. I would sign up for every class they offer if I had the time. Keep up the good work and thank you for making a difference in our community with your hard work.”
– Jamie, June 2018
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Cary, North Carolina
2018 Grant Contest Finalist

“My kids were part of “Cards of Hope” project, it was a great experience for them. Especially the questions they asked surrounding the project as why they are making cards, where will they go, why they have to leave the homes, why no food or toys ? It was eye opening for them and us. Great way to make them social and emotionally aware . Also a great way to teach empathy.”
– Pallavi, May 2018
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Cook n Grow

Multiple Locations, Texas
2018 Grant Contest Finalist

“We love Cook n Grow classes! We have done workshops, adult classes, week long classes and even chose to have a Cook n Grow birthday party last year and every time it was awesome! My kids love it and we will definitely continue to participate in all of the exciting opportunities that Cook n Grow offers! They love to cook but I have a hard time carving out time and space to teach them their way around the kitchen. Gina does an amazing job.”
– Cassidy, May 2018
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Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services

Rescue, California
“GHC therapy services has helped our family tremendously! Our son had a wonderful school year thanks to o/t therapy sessions and camp! The therapists did an amazing job getting to know our son and provided a wide range of activities that met his sensory needs. He loved the attention he received from each therapist and the exciting curriculum they provided to meet his needs. He loved it!”
– Susan, July 2018
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happy baby, LLC

El Segundo, California
“I’ve attended Happy Baby around 4 times a week for prenatal yoga, dance, and bootcamp for the last 4 months. I couldn’t have found a more wonderful place to meet other women and stay active. Happy Baby has the most amazing people, classes, and resources. It is such an incredible asset to our community and I am grateful everyday for all it has to offer. They are the best!”
– Amy, June 2018
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Shaumburg, Illinois
“This place is great for kids! Such a unique birthday party place. I brought the kids I babysit here during their drop in times and they loved it. The staff are all super friendly and knowledgeable. They have real firefighters there, so the kids love that! Great place overall!”
– Natalie, May 2018
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Best Academic Camps & Classes of 2018

Launch Generation

San Diego, California
“I attended a program led by Whitney and Alexis when I was 17, and through their commitment, innovation and optimism, have been shaped into a more confident and self-aware individual than I ever imagined. Generally, life skills such as a stronger understanding of financial matters and courage in communicating and presenting have strengthened me in my entrepreneurial pursuits. More specifically, lessons I learned about social capital with them back when I was 17 played a pivotal role in my undergraduate dissertation this summer! Their dedication to every individual they come across who is willing to learn is exceptional and something I consider myself very lucky to have.”
– Meghan, June 2018
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Multiple Locations, Bay Area California
Also a Best of 2015, 2016 & 2017!
“My kid had a blast at this camp – it helps that he adores Legos! I especially LOVED that this camp actually had the kids deal with real life issues and skills – problem solving given real rules, regulations, ordinances, physical constraints (like weather), and dealing with citizen requests, city needs, and externalities and consequences of actions. Building a city and dealing with things like economy, industry, pollution, services, is such a valuable thing to teach even young children. We’re definitely doing this again next year!!”
– Julie, August 2018
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Andrew Simpkins Innovation Foundation

Atlanta, Georgia
“This is our 2nd year in a row, each year my 10 year old son looks forward to attending the program. Each day he has a new lesson to share for what he did that day. I don’t even have to prod him for details he tells me excitedly all on his own. Many Thanks!!”
– Desiree, June 2018
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San Francisco Math Circle

San Francisco, California
“My husband I almost didn’t believe Ethan was our son because he’s so good at mathematics and truly enjoys it (lol)! Luckily, Math Circle was offered and exposed him to new and different math concepts that are different from what he’s learning in class. He is engaged, enjoys learning even more and is excited about it. It’s a win all around!”
– Cheryl, May 2018
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Best Outdoor Camps & Classes of 2018

Kids Dojo

Multiple Locations, Bay Area California
Also a Best of 2016 & 2017!
“My son had a great week of mountain biking with Aaron. The trails and tracks they went to were fun (as reported by my son) and he came home worn out at the end of each day. Since we were visiting, it was convenient to be able to have a rental mountain bike for him to use the whole time and not have to carry the bike back and forth. We will definitely do this camp again when we are back.”
– Sasha, June 2018
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Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park

Charleston, South Carolina
2018 Grant Contest Finalist

“My 9 year old son has attended the WBR camp for two summers now along with many visits throughout the year for climbing and he LOVES everything about each experience. When he arrived at camp this summer and saw the ninja course was being worked on he was ecstatic as he is a HUGE American Ninja Warrior fan and there is nothing at all remotely close to what WBR is creating. He would want to attend multiple weeks of camp and visit weekly to use the ropes course and ninja course. The staff at WBR is amazing with all of the campers and their care and responsibility for ensuring a fun and safe environment is phenomenal.”
– Abby, June 2018
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Camp Ruwá

Multiple Locations, Nationwide
“My son went to Camp Ruwa last year. He marches to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t really get into sports – to the point he won’t wear clothing that has anything to do with football, basketball, etc. After attending the camp, he came home telling me, “Mom! I’m athletic on the rock wall!” He also created the motto/chant for his group, which was a huge confidence booster. He’s remained connected to his counselor and gives Kyle a hug and chats with him at every possible opportunity. I love what Camp Ruwa did in my son’s life last year, and I can’t wait to see what happens this year!”
– Jennifer, May 2018
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YMCA of Redwoods Camp Campbell

Boulder Creek, California
“My son who is 10 has had the most amazing experiences at Camp Campbell. He attends the after school site, and has done overnights at camp. The staff are warm and friendly, the kids have tons of activities and they are encouraged to make friends with new people. Our family has been embraced by the community in childcare and camp. We love it and can’t say enough good things about it!”
– Melody, May 2018
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ATX Kids Club

Austin, Texas
Also a Best of 2015, 2016 & 2017!

“My six year old loved all the activities at ATX Kids Club. The weather was a challenge (100+ degree heat in mid-Aug), but the field trip guides kept the kids engaged and excited throughout the day. I was amazed at all the things my girl learned about nature, nutrition, and her beautiful city!!”
– Sara, August 2018
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