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Best Camps, Classes & Kids’ Activities of 2019

ActivityHero announces the best summer camps, classes, and kids' activities of 2019 – based on reviews and votes from families.

Thousands of parents reviewed and voted for camps and classes on ActivityHero, and the following 38 providers have been awarded the "Best of 2019" badge on ActivityHero. Thank you to all the reviewers for sharing their experience with families on ActivityHero!

We're listing them here in alphabetical order in hopes that you can discover some fresh new activities for your child to try this year. You can also view the complete list on ActivityHero.

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Best Camps & Classes of 2019

Coding & Robotics Camp San Antonio, Texas "Bits, Bytes and Bots has been an incredible addition to our program. They have provided excellent classes for our students for four years now. They are a pleasure to work with and their instructors are all very knowledgeable and make the information fun and easy to learn. The business is very well ran and we have always been provided with excellent customer service." -Nicey, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Bits, Bytes, and Bots of San Antonio

Girls' Coding Camp Atlanta, Georgia "I would absolutely recommend it!! My daughter attended camp one summer with this program. Not only did the camp help build her self confidence, but also helped her to win an award. Buttercup STEAM Camp is awesome at nurturing, building confidence and helps fuel young minds to grow, explore and imagine the possibilities." -Jasmine, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Buttercup STEAM Camp

Creative Learning Camp Los Angeles, California 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "My daughter has been attending Camp Super Duper for five years. Her review: "Why can't school be like this?" That should tell you all you need to know. SupDup is not only about play activities, there are actually a lot of learning activities as well, but they make the act of learning *fun*. My daughter is a magnet student at her elementary school, but she has never really *liked* going to school, and I think part of that is because the curriculum does not inspire creativity. That is what kids get at Camp Super Duper: Creative, fun, learning. All in an atmosphere of supportive kid needs to worry about being "left out"." -Gregg, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Camp Super Duper

Outdoors Resident Camp Vandalia, Michigan "My 2 boys have attended Camp Tannadoonah the last 3 summers and have had fantastic experiences. My younger daughter will be joining them this summer. The staff have all been amazing and and added to their growth. One of my son’s has ASD and the camp has been welcoming and accommodating. I recommend them to all families looking for a summer camp experience." -Elizabeth, February 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Camp Tannadoonah

Creative Art Camps & Classes San Jose, California Also a Best of 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018! "CD and her team do a really great job at providing exposure to art and helping kids understand and execute simple pieces with ease. Our 5 yr old who had never painted anything came back with paintings that were coherent and pleasing." -Ramya, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for CD's Art Studio

Soccer Classes & Camps Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, & Sunnyvale, California Also a Best of 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018! "Christina loved her coach Viviana. Viviana's way of treating all kids equally and encouraging both boys and girls to participate made soccer very interesting and lots of fun. The skills taught were valuable and very age appropriate. We will definitely continue Coach Ken Soccer Academy." -Niki, March 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Coach Ken Soccer

Creative Art Class & Camp San Francisco, California "My eight-year old has done various camps at Creative IQ (summer, winter break, school holidays) for 2 years. Though we live on the other side of town, I keep signing her up because I have such a high regard for their program. Its thorough and content-rich but delivered in a way that’s realistic and accessible for kids’ abilities and attention. I can see the results in my daughter- and so can her teachers! In p/t conferences, both her 1st and 2nd teachers made some kind of remark about her strength in art. I credit the top knot instruction at Creative IQ. Great program, great community." -Rachel, February 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Creative IQ Art Studio

Cultural Dance Class San Jose, California 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "Highly recommend! Shilpa is one of the best teacher I have seen in Bay area. It's great to be part of Dikshaa academy. The way how Shilpa teacher focus on individual student is excellent! Especially the recent Valiant Women her choreography and the way it's planned and focused on each batch is amazing. She is so patient enough to correct and make sure her students are getting it right. She is so passionate about what she is doing. Blessed to be part of Dikshaa!" -Leelavathi, June 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Dikshaa Dance Academy

Theatre & Music Camp El Paso, Texas "El Paso Kids N Co. provides amazing opportunities for children to grow and improve their skills in acting, singing, coordination, teamwork, discipline, dedication, problem-solving and confidence through the aesthetic experience of putting together and performing plays, musicals, and show choir concerts. It is wonderful to see the work and the growth of these young people through their quality performances!" -Laura, June 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for El Paso KIDS-N-CO. Performance Center

Performing & Creative Arts Class Dumont, New Jersey "I have been sending my children to Erin for piano and voice lessons for a few years now. With the addition of her acting and improv classes, my children have become confident and have been auditioning for shows and getting lead roles! They really provide a warm, fun and welcoming environment and my children look forward to every lesson!! This studio is really filling a void in this area and affording parents the opportunity to watch their kids thrive in an enriching arts environment." -Linda, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for EMC Fine Arts

Martial Arts Class Daly City, Hercules, Oakland, & San Francisco, California "Our two children attend classes with Eskabo Daan, and love it ! They have been attending for a little over a year, and have learned a lot about Filipino culture, the tagalog language, how to write in the traditional writing style of Baybayin, how to treat and respect others as well as themselves, and made many friends through the class. So it's not just about Filipino Martial Arts, it's more of a class that teaches community and history as well as self-defense. " -Dell, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Eskabo Daan Filipino Martial Arts

Physical Fitness Class & Camp Temecular, CA "Mackinsey is always upbeat and happy to see you! She loves children and effortlessly makes them feel special! Her enthusiasm and excitement is infectious! And you can really see it transfer to the kids! Her gym is top notch. And it looks like no detail was spared! But what really sold me is her credentials! Wow! explains why she is so professional and how she knows her stuff! I love Evolve Youth Fitness! It’s not just another kids gym!" -Michael, February 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Evolve Youth Fitness

Coding & Robotics Class & Camp Santa Clara, CA "I highly recommend it to anyone who has never taken a robotics class!! My 7 year old son loves going to this class every week. We already signed up for the summer camp, and he is so excited about it that he cannot wait!" -Sam, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Future Bytes Tech

Girls' Entrepreneurship Camp Atlanta & Conyers, Georgia "It’s been quite a positive experience for me seeing how Shanika teaches these young ladies how to write business plans, do a sale at the end of the session, how to do presentation and a lot more and allow them to make money and take it home. Lovely young lady, and she knows what she is doing and brings a lot to the table for these young people to grasp." -Jacqueline, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Girls Building Businesses

Specialized Learning Camp San Francisco, California "KFS School is a special place! They took our son and worked with him, when we felt like we had no where else to turn. They highlighted his strengths academically and set behavioral expectations for him, making sure he had a routine every day. The teachers are passionate about helping kids with challenges and go above and beyond to meet the kids needs." -Katie, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Kahlon Family Services School

Theatre & Camps and Classes Belmont, Novato, San Francisco, & San Rafael, California 2018 Grant Contest Winner! Also a Best of 2015, 2016, & 2018! "My child was not excited about being signed up for Kid Stock in the beginning, because she saw that as interfering with her quality iPad time. However she became more and more excited as it grew closer to performance time. She loved the songs and the dance steps. She is totally ready to sign up for next year! Also Bradley and his team were great. You can see Bradley's enthusiasm in setting up the kids for success. As a parent and I think I can speak for most of the parents, we were not disappointed." -Adelaide, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Kid Stock

Lego & Citizenship Camps and Classes Belmont, Campbell, Foster City, Fremont, Los Altos, & more, California "We are new to the Kidizen class, so far my 6 daughter enjoys building while learning different social subjects. The teacher is great in guiding and developing ideas for the class. She recently built and opened a Mermaid store for the city and we are very proud of her." -Stephanie, February 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Kidizens

Dance Class Fountain Valley, California "Conveniently located, LaPham is the perfect space for a dance studio. A place for all your creative dances to come to life! What I just love about this studio is that they stay true to the art of ballet and true to servicing their community. They also offer a variety of fun classes for adults sure to sharpen your skills and bring your sexy back! A professional ballerina, owner/Instructor Tracy Pham has an outstanding reputation and is a master of many talents offering classes in ballet as wells as coaching in runway and modeling . Your child can succeed and shine as bright as the many talents that have graced through these doors at LaPham studio." -Katherine, February 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for LaPham Studio

Music Class Howell, Marlboro, Middletown, Ocean Township, & Red Bank, New Jersey "The music is unique, upbeat and original. The children are learning through play and they learning to express themselves and have confidence in their abilities as they grow. It is an amazing thing to witness. We are all grateful for what Chris and Jessie have given all of us by creating this program. It has grown tremendously through the years and will continue to do so, because it is so special to so many families." -Deirdre, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Little Rockers / AppleJams Music

Math Classes & Camps Los Altos, California "Highly recommend! My son has been taking this class for two years and this is his favorite after school class. He learned to work hard on math and enjoys doing the homework. Kids need to work as a group to solve problems, so they had to discuss and share thoughts." -Yuehua, June 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Mathletes

Spanish Immersion Class & Camp Palo Alto, California "Mi Casita has many benefits that other preschools don't have. It is outdoor, so kids are very rarely sick, they learn to communicate to each other while playing and running, oxygen is good for brain development, real nature is better than any toys. Maestra Amor is extremely caring and happy person, my daughter liked her from day one. So many interesting and developing activities. And she speaks Spanish in sentences only after 6 months being there!" -Kate, March 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Mi Casita de Español

Outdoors Family Camp Moultonborough, New Hampshire 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "I have been a part of NE Hemophilia all of my life, having a brother, son, and nephew with hemophilia, as well as having bleeding issues myself. The association has consistently grown over the years, offering support and education beyond any other group we are affiliated with. The current staff and volunteers give 125% of their time and talent towards making life with a serious chronic illness more manageable. My husband and I volunteer in various organizations and, by far, NEHA outshines them all. Thank you does not begin to express our gratitude." -Mary, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for New England Hemophilia Association

Equestrian & Horsemanship Camp Paramount, California 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "Rhiannon is a calm, compassionate, and friendly individual, and is consistently seen at the barn patiently building strong foundations for her students riding & groundwork. She imparts horse wisdom & life skills by example and is always right there truly present with students moreso than many many trainers I have seen & experienced. This is a unique and special opportunity to learn from someone who lives and loves the sport!!" -Erin, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for RD Equine

Math Camps & Classes San Francisco, California Also a Best of 2018! "My son has been attending Math Circle at SF State since Spring 2018 and he loves it. He is always excited and interested by the activities they do and the new things he learns. It's very different from regular school math, which is perfect for him. He can't wait for Math Camp this summer and we will definitely be back again in the fall." -Cecilia, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for San Francisco Math Circle

Glass & Ceramics Class Sarasota, Florida 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "From the moment I walked through their door I knew I had found a place where I could explore my creative abilities and express myself through this fabulous medium. They are incredibly supportive of teaching and allowing one to discover glass as a medium and patiently teaching the techniques. Awesome!!" -Priscilla, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Sarasota School of Glass

Dance Class San Diego, California "Ms. Erica offers such a great introduction to dance for young children. She is full of energy, always so positive, and ever so patient! My 3 kids danced with her and had such a wonderful experience! Overall, it's a low key, fun program that is great for kids." -Bea, March 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for SD Dance with Me

Sailing & Marine Science Camp Road Town, Tortola 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "My daughter has attended SeaTrek the past two summers and we have so many wonderful things to say about our experience with Captain Monk and the crew. My daughter has earned so many diving certificates, gained so much confidence, made many friends from all over the world and has so many amazing pictures and stories to tell! She has had such an amazing time with this program that we will be sending all three of our kids this summer! I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more stories of their wonderful adventures!" -Candy, March 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Seatrek BVI

Musical Theatre Camp Berkeley, California "Outstanding program. The passion of both the leader and the participants is evident and I can see how the children who engage in this program are positioned well above their peers for future opportunities as well as a lifetime affinity for the arts." -Curt, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Seele Stars

Etiquette Camp Carlsbad, California "Miss Elaine and her team offer a wonderful service in our community. In an era of cell phone rudeness and lack of courtesy, the Swann School of Protocol teaches children, teens, and adults the power of being polite and thinking of others first. Such necessary skills that are needed more than ever before. Also, our family has enjoy the series of books authored by Ms. Elaine Swann." -Regina, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Swann School of Protocol

Academic Enrichment Camp Cedar Hill, Texas "Reginald and Danielle have a passion for children that is evident in the service they provide. Not only did they actively engage my son (geometry) and daughter (7th grade math), but they went over and beyond by calling to check on them after assessments. They were genuinely concerned about my kids’ progress. With their help my son was able to bring his grades from Cs to As as well as mastery performance on his state assessment. My daughter went from approaching standards to mastery level. I can’t say enough how they blessed our family and the confidence my kiddos now have." -Neldra, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for TagTeam Tutoring

Circus & Theatre Arts Camp Tucson, Arizona "My 2 year old (soon to be 3) is super excited every Saturday to go to Circus school! She loves all the activities and it's great to watch her have so much fun while gaining so many different skills. She especially loves the silks hammock and animal walks! I really like this as an alternative to the overly aggressive attitudes I've seen in some of the more "traditional" sports like gymnastics and ballet. I love how happy everyone is here!" -Rachel, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for The Circus Academy of Tucson

Creative Learning Camp Murrieta, California "Everyone that works there is nice. Miss Coco gets every kids attention as they sing and dance. Their play area is nice and toddler friendly. I love going there knowing that I don't have to worry about big kids taking over. The vibe is very friendly. Would love to see this place get bigger with more toys!!" -Mia, March 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for The Little Red Barn Indoor Playground

Science Camp San Jose & Santa Clara, California "The instructors are nuts for science, and it shows in their approach to preparation for the camps. They look for new speakers, new topics, new equipment, and new experiment ideas all year. They are truly oriented to making the best learning experience for the kids." -Russ, March 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for The Science Factory LLC

Robotics Camp Cupertino, California 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "FIRST Robotics teams have always been cornerstones of their communities, and Valkyrie Robotics is no different. The organization gives students the technical and soft skills needed to succeed in their futures, as well as giving back to their local communities. I had the opportunity to compete in the same division as Valkyrie at the FIRST Championship in Houston, and I can say without a doubt that they’re a class act. Their students have clearly all benefited from the program, and it’s cool to see what an impact they’ve had in Cupertino." -Alexandria, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Valkyrie Robotics

Bicycling Camps & Classes Los Gatos, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, & more, California Also a Best of 2015, 2016, & 2017! "I have already been raving and recommending Wheel Kids to my friends. My son is eight years old and I have struggled to get him over his mental fear and to be interested in learning to ride. In one hour doing a private lesson with wheel kids Walnut Creek, he was beginning to pedal and balance on his own. I was amazed!! The next day we went to the park and he was off and riding saying he loved riding his bike. I don't know what the "magic" is, but Wheel Kids has it. Worth every penny and looking forward to our next class!!" -Kathryn, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Wheel Kids Bicycle Club, Inc

Robotics & Coding Camps and Classes Burlingame, Cupertino, Los Altos, San Jose, & more, California "My daughter loves Wizbots after school program and looks forward to it every week. This program has encouraged her and inspired her to learn more about robotics. It gives kids a chance to learn critical thinking skills - how to build and create something with others." -Jennifer, May 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Wizbots

Specialized Learning Camp Fremont, California 2019 Grant Contest Finalist "My daughter is going to Young Intellects from the beginning of this school year and my daughter just loves it. We are so relieved that the homework comes home error free and they also prepare my daughter for the Friday spelling quizzes and and all school quizzes. Kids are kept busy at all times with so many fun/ intellectual activities and they ensure learning something new every week. My daughter loves her Bollywood dance class and she waits for Ms A’ s dance class weekly. The staff is very friendly and communicate things well. I highly recommend all the innovative ideas that they come up with to benefit the kids and totally recommend Young Intellects After School." -Anjana, April 2019 See all reviews & current schedules for Young Intellects


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