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4 Lifelong Perks for Kids Who Take Computer Classes

Prime your kids for a brighter future in school and the workplace by encouraging them to enroll in camps and classes featuring technology and computers.

By ActivityHero Staff

Although kids and technology are not always the best combination, integrating technology into children’s lives has more benefits than you might imagine.

1. Improved Critical Thinking Skills

It’s no secret that video games get a bad rap, they may actually help improve with vital brain development. Many interactive games encourage strategic and critical thinking, which helps kids grow intellectually. Video games have actually been shown to increase attentional ability, reaction times, and the capacity to identify specific details.

2. A Stronger Independent Work Ethic

Technology facilitates cooperative learning, encourages new roles for learners and the ability to work independently. Students who use the technology for real communication with a real audience are much more capable of talking to adults because they are used to it.

3. A Greater Sense of Empowerment

Computers and other kinds of technology give children a greater sense of empowerment because information is readily available at their fingertips. The more educated kids are on how devices work, the more confidence they will have in their ability to expand their knowledge in any subject area. Technology-powered learning puts students (not educators) at the center of their own education and empowers them to take control of their own learning.

4. More (and Better) Career Opportunities

With technology changing at lightning speed, we need to make sure our children have the skills to compete in this new global economy. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in the 21st century. Although seemingly complex, techniques like coding and programming may come to kids more easily than you might think. Learning computer coding is basically like learning another language. Think about it: If you’re learning the rules of grammar at age 7 or 8, how is that different from learning the rules of programming? When you think about it, programming is actually far more logical than any language. What’s more, kids need to pay special attention to things like syntax and spelling, because if they don’t, the code won’t work.

Help set up your children for a more successful future by encouraging them to learn more about technology and computers. Find local camps and classes near you that fit your schedule and budget on ActivityHero!

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