Parent Power: Bridging the Learning Gap + 3 Benefits of Tutoring

featuring The Teacher Marketplace

This past year has been unlike no other, especially for school-aged kids. Whether they attended school in-person or online, the school year was met with many challenges. The digital disparity is now evermore apparent. So as parents, how can we bridge the gap between everything that’s happened?

In this episode, we’re talking with The Teacher Marketplace, (TTM) an online platform connecting teachers and tutors with students and families for remote and in-person tutoring sessions nationwide.

3 Benefits of Tutoring

  1. Online tutoring benefits kids in academic performance, life aspirations, and even psychological health — much more than just learning loss prevention.

2. Students are 16% more likely to attend online classes regularly and 6% less likely to exhibit behavioral problems during the school day.1 

3. Tutoring is the most effective among earlier grades. However, it’s worth noting that reading generally yields higher results in earlier grades whereas math tutoring is more impactful in later grades.2

Our Podcast Guests

Ben Brogadir co-founded The Teacher Marketplace as a way to help teachers and families nationwide during the pandemic. As the father of two, he is focused on educating students safely and effectively, and firmly believes in equal access to tutors so that no child is left behind.

Chessa Kenney taught in New York City for 13 years before joining The Teacher Marketplace. An educator, parent of two, and is committed to making individualized educational experiences more accessible and efficient for families nationwide.



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