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10 Kid-Approved Spring Break Camps

Curated by ActivityHero families in your community, here are the most popular go-to online and in-person spring break camps in support of your kid’s learning (and your sanity) while school’s out. It’s also just a great opportunity to open their minds to new interests and build skills outside of the traditional classroom walls.

Top 5 In-Person Spring Break Camps

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  1. Horseback Riding 

Learn about horses. From grooming and feeding to bathing and even horse first aid! Through horseback riding, your kid will find out interesting facts about the history, evolution and anatomy of the horse while picking up some horse lingo, caring for and riding the horse they’ll have throughout the session at Horse Camp.

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  1. Outdoor Adventure 

Imagine a camp that gets away from the brick and mortar limits and gives your kid a world of possibilities. Outdoor Adventure camps encourage nature play. With incredibly small ratios and the best caregivers, they treat campers more like family than just standard childcare. 

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  1. Wilderness Exploration

Get ready to discover the magical landscape of nature and a wilderness adventure! Spend your nights backpacking in stunning canyons, kayak in river, hike to incredible caves, and cool off in spring fed swimming holes. 

  1. All Day Soccer Play

This full-day program is filled with developmental practices, games, competitions and challenges. Soccer camps can range from beginner to more advanced and geared toward players looking for a more competitive training environment. 

Need more support on how to choose the right soccer camp for your kid? You’ll want to read 3 steps to finding the best soccer camp.

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  1. Aviation Camp

The Hiller Aviation Museum hosts a collection of some 50 different historic aircraft.  

Public and private museum admission, and programs for BSA Scouts and Girl Scouts, are also offered periodically throughout the year.  

Top 5 Online Programs

  1. Crafting 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” These are Albert Einstein’s words are they serve as the backbone of every Camp Cosmo class. Whether its focus is academic, artistic, physical, or social, this program is designed to inspire critical thinking, creative thought and social connections through play.

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  1. Performing Arts

Choreography by Rae helps people of all ages amplify their voice through movement. Their motto is anyone can dance, even if you have two left feet. This supportive and inclusive environment provides students with an opportunity to develop a foundation in: Acting, Art History, Culture, Dance (Ballet, Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz), Storytelling, and Singing, to name a few.

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  1. Coding

Computer Kids Club is a computer science & academic program of typing, coding, design, math and engineering. Through coding, your child will engage in activities all while learning the importance of the computer and how it will help them through their school years ahead and eventually in a computer science related field. 

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  1. Music

The LA School of Music offers fun and engaging music lessons and classes on piano, voice, and guitar, to name a few. All of their music teachers are professionals with at least a Bachelor of Music. Most have a Master of Music degree. These teachers are a special group, vetted through a competitive interview process for expertise. They have creativity and fun personality, too!

  1. Art

Young Art believes in passion, creativity, and the power of education. Their team is genuinely committed to inspiring the next generation of young inventors, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to be bold innovators by providing creative and enriching experiences through hands-on learning. With modalities including clay sculpture, digital animation, acrylic painting and pencil sketching, families are able to select from a variety of classes.