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The Difference between Mom and Dad

You’ve seen it plastered all over our website—“Moms are Everyday Heroes.” Here at ActivityHero, we are a company run mostly by moms, for moms to help them find the absolute best resources to help raise their child into being a smart, successful, healthy adult. Some of you have asked, what about dad? Well, fret not fathers, we have not forgotten about you.

Let’s start from the top—we believe that any parent who strives to give their children the absolute best is a hero, whether it be mom or dad. The reason that we gear our site toward moms is that they are, generally speaking, more likely to be the family planners and researchers. It’s in their nature; women take longer to make decisions, whether it be which color shoes to wear or which after-school activity best suits their child. This is in no way a strike at Dad—I know a handful of people who were raised by single dads and turned out to be amazingly successful and compassionate adults. There are plenty of Super Dads out there, and we welcome them with open arms!

Parents tend to dish out roles to one another without even knowing. Mom might be the rule enforcer while Dad is the problem solver, or vice vera. In many homes of single parents or military families, Mom or Dad might have to play the role of both parents. The point is that no two households are the same, just as no parents are the same, no kids are the same, and no situation is the same. That being said, we thought we’d take a few moments to thank Mom and Dad for doing what they do best, whatever it may be.

Mom, thank you for nurturing.

“Mothering has been associated with compassion and affection and particularly been attributed to women,” says Andrea O’Reilly in The Encyclopedia of Motherhood, Volume 1. Most mothers will report sharing a bond with children much earlier than fathers do. It makes sense; mothers can feel this person growing inside of them for 9 months. They are the protector from day one as they create a warm and safe environment to nurture their child in during gestation. That’s not to say that fathers can’t share this bond as well, but many feel that the first time they felt like a father was when they actually held their child in their arms. Mothers will often tell you that they felt it from the start. Because of this, moms tend to be more nurturing and have a deeper understanding and compassion for their children.

Dad, thanks for being fun.

Dad usually wins at play time. Mom’s activities tend to be more routine-based while Dad can come up with a spur-of-the-moment silly game or tickle fest that lights up the room. Men are more likely to get down on hands and knees and play or wrestle with the kids which is something that all kids, especially boys, need from time to time. Dad’s ability to come up with things on a whim often makes him more fun in the eyes of children as Mom tends to put too much thought and planning into her activities.

Mom, thank you for being the ultimate planner.

Women take longer to make decisions than men. Why do you think department stores have two and a half floors dedicated to women’s products and a measly corner of a floor for men? When women want something, they do their research; they want options and want to make sure that they are making the right choice. Men are more likely to act on impulse, it’s just how they work. Mom usually wins at planning the ultimate family fun day like a water park or a trip to the museum.

Thank you, Dad, for being the enforcer.

Mom can get angry and yell all she wants, but something about having to sick Dad on you is just downright scary. “Just wait until your father gets home,” might be the most frightening phrase a child can hear. Who knows what it is—the deeper voice, the (generally) more intimidating stature, or just the fact that you’ve managed to piss off both Mom and Dad at the same time; whatever it is, Dad wins at enforcing the rules.

Thanks, Mom, for always knows the right thing to say.

Women tend to speak straight from the heart and are more emotionally driven which is usually exactly what a child needs. Men think more logically and tend to navigate conversations toward a goal which works great in many other situations, but not when a child just needs someone to listen. Mom always seems to know what to say to ease a worried mind or solve a dilemma.

Dad, thank you for always knowing how to make us laugh.

Mom might know what to say, but Dad can always put a smile on your face. Whether it’s cracking a joke when you need a smile or just being his silly self, Dad has a way of lightening the heart and making everyone a little jollier. Dad is usually the first one to let out a belch or toot which usually gets a chuckle and can ease the tension in a room, no matter how stinky it may be.

Thanks for remembering, Mom.

I don’t know about all you other parents out there, but after I had my first child my memory went down the drain. I’ve left the keys in the car, in the door, in the mailbox, in the fridge (it was a long day) and most of the time can’t remember why I’ve walked into a room in the first place. One thing that Mom tends to have the upper hand at is remembering the important things—birthdays, appointments, etc. Men will surely agree with this, especially those that have felt the wrath of forgetting an anniversary. Mom doesn’t disappoint with the important dates, even if she does forget about the pot of boiling water on the stove from time to time.

Thanks for supporting us, Dad.

Before I go into this topic, let me clarify that most households nowadays share financial burdens and require both parents to work to support the household. Remember, this written in a “generally speaking” manner. Traditionally, fathers have been known as the breadwinners while mothers are the homemakers. This may seem like an ancient concept to many, but it was a way of life for centuries. Let’s face it—women do not have the same opportunities in the working world that men do. Even with the huge strides that have been made over time, there is still a long way to go until women and men are treated equally in the work place. That’s why generally men are the workers and women are the homemakers.

No two homes are the same, that’s what keeps life interesting and fun. No matter who fills the roles in your house, we thank you for being super every day!


Written by Sarah Antrim