After-School Activities

Video Production Camp and Claymation For Beginner from KMVT

Does your child want a skill they can keep after camp is over? Are they interested in making videos on their cell phones or devices?  KMVT is offering an Intro to Video Production camp that engages students in fun, hands-on-activities where they will learn behind-the-scenes production skills while introducing youths to production experience in a studio environment.

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Video Production Camp

Students use KMVT’s professional studio equipment to gain basic skills in camera, directing, audio, acting and producing. By the end of the week, students produce segments including Game Shows, Talk Shows and Entertainment performances!


We also offer a popular Claymation camp where students will be introduced to a variety of animation techniques, from frame-by-frame (flipbooks) to stop motion animation. Students will learn Clay Animation using the same stop-motion techniques that was used in the Wallace & Gromit films, Chicken Run and other favorite Claymation movies.  Collaborating in small groups, students will conceptualize, mold, animate and edit a final project. Student will learn the techniques of conceptualization, planning, creation of clay models, while also learning videography and editing in this hands-on, fun-filled workshop. We see a lot of the same children coming back year after year to hone in on their skills.L8oY Fa9kNSWjIHh9wzOsfr4I31ZXI80uZ8dEfe u MKEfpwMz5QkniV6LICuwEzF1Z1yIdfYB0

And do you know what is the coolest part of these camps is? Student get their projects broadcast on Comcast Channel 15 in Mountain View, Los Altos and Cupertino, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 throughout the bay area, Roku and on our YouTube channel

Each student receives a DVD copy of all the class projects produced at camp so they can show it off to family and friends!

Our camps offer skills in leadership, team-building, attention to detail, creativity and an appreciation for technology.  Our instructors have a strong background in technology and digital media bringing decades of educational experience.  KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media has been providing media and television services for over 30 years. Our camps are for middle school students age 10-14.  Roughly over 250 kids a year attend KMVT 15’s youth camps.  Scholarship opportunities are also available.

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