Two and a Half Moms

Winter break: Past and Present

When I was a kid, I spent the first week of winter break baking cookies.  I’d open my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook and find my favorite recipes.  I made a different type of cookie every day.  Back then, we didn’t go to camp in the winter, but I had created my own holiday cookie camp.

Fast forward to today: my middle school kids want to spend their winter break playing Minecraft or Candy Crush.  But I vow to make at least one batch of homemade cookies with my kids.  I found a recipe for the Christmas Tree Cookie online and took out the butter to soften.  I bet there’s a holiday cookie camp somewhere out there, but it’s nice to have your own in-house camp.

If baking isn’t your thing, you’ll find almost as much variety in winter camps as summer camps.  Jewelry making, aviation, robotics, and Spanish are just a few camps of the camps I see in my neighborhood.  I hope they inspire the next generation to do what they love.