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Lindsay B. on December 17, 2023
"It was a last minute choice upon the spring break--my child took the spring camp on April-- but I am very glad that I enrolled my child to this... Read More


What are Thanksgiving camps?

Thanksgiving camps are single-day or full-week camps to fill in the days when your kids are home from school over Thanksgiving week break. Many camps have special Thanksgiving holiday themes along with typical classes and activities, like art, writing, LEGO, coding, and more.

What kinds of activities are provided in these camps?

These camps are much similar to the camps and classes provided during the summer. They include arts and crafts, Roblox and Minecraft, public speaking, Spanish, coding, music, and more.

What is the deadline for signing up for these classes and camps?

Many camps are available for registration up until the day it happens! Some camps and classes may be especially popular and have been filled up already, so try and register as soon as possible!

When and where do these camps take place?

Most of these camps are online and hosted on live video calls with other students and instructors. Some are in person. Use the location filter to find camps near you, or look at our on demand activities for activities that you can do on your own time!

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