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5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

The new normal adjustments continue with ongoing schedule disruptions and social isolation quarantines. Let’s look ahead to the new year for new ways your kids can prioritize their health, education and mindfulness.

Because managing physical and mental are more important than ever, these super simple new year’s resolutions for kids will surely inspire a year full of growth and joy.

1) Get Physical

Exercising every day can help kids manage their sleep schedule, improve their mood, and decrease stress. This can be a healthy habit for the whole family – hiking, biking, going for walks, or other recreational activities are all great ideas to enjoy together. 

Other exercise and fitness classes for your kids include:

Dance: Kids of any age can participate in a dance class or have a dance party in a fun, safe environment. Many classes are for beginners and explore many different styles of dance, like hip hop, ballet, and jazz.

Martial Arts: Martial arts classes help build confidence, leadership skills, and resilience while providing a fun space to stay active.

Yoga: Online yoga and exercise classes are a relaxing activity for all ages. In yoga classes for kids as young as 4, students learn basic yoga movements and body awareness.

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2) Support Nutrition

Healthy eating is important for all ages and typically on the short list of new year’s resolutions for adults, too. Establishing a good relationship with food is knowledge that kids can use for their whole life.

The introduction of cooking at a young age is a great way for kids to start learning about nutrition. Being in the kitchen can also help with independence, help picky eaters, and spark creativity.

Cooking Classes: Instructional classes with expert teachers bring kids through recipes while teaching kitchen safety, cleanliness, and art.

DIY Recipes: Have fun with recipes on your own time, with video tutorials to help you out!

3) Schedule Relaxing Activities

Along with exercise and nutrition, making time for enjoyable and relaxing hobbies has many benefits as well. A new year is the perfect time to explore something new, whether it be art, music, writing, or gaming.

Art classes for kids

Art Classes for Kids: Art can be a constructive outlet for children of all abilities to express emotions and relieve anxiety. Drawing, painting, clay modeling, and crafts are all great activities.

Music Classes for Kids: Music is a great activity that anyone can pick up for fun, whether it’s learning an instrument, singing, or dancing.

In addition, any relaxing hobby your child enjoys can help them socialize and unwind. Cooking, theatre & drama, music, LEGO or even making slime could be good options!

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4) Find Mindfulness and Meditation

Look forward to a year of emotional health and reduced stress. Yoga, exercises to reduce stress, and meditation are great because they help to prepare for the ups and downs of life. Even five minutes of breathing or mindful exercises a day can help to develop healthy emotions and resilience.

Kids Mindfulness Classes

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5) Stay Connected

Many kids had to learn to navigate technology this year to attend school and socialize with friends. Live online classes or calls are a great time for kids to safely interact with each other and work together on fun activities. It is important to make time to keep connections.

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Along with encouraging kids to reach out to others, be aware of the risks of the online world. Teach your kids about cyberbullying so they can be more informed and browse the internet safely.

Now that you’ve established some new year’s resolutions for kids, explore 5 Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety in Kids for even more ways to support your kids during this unprecedented time.