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7 Cool After-School Activities for Kids 8-10

Routines and Programs and after-school activities for kids 8-10 years old to keep them engaged and learning all day long.

Finding viable routines and after-school activities for kids from 8-10 years old that are both fun and educational can be tricky. After all, just because the school bell rang doesn’t mean they should stop learning for the day. 

So, to help keep your crew mentally engaged, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite after-school activities for eight-year-olds (and older). From science-centric courses to language-focused classes, these after-school programs are so entertaining that your kids won’t even realize they are exercising their brains!

Whether you’re worried your kids are not learning enough at school or simply want them to continue learning once they return home for the day, it might be time to turn to after-school programs

The good news is that there are all kinds of programs, classes, activities, and on-demand videos geared toward children between the ages of eight and ten. You’ll find some tap into their artistic and creative sides, while others encourage them to think critically and analyze the world around them. Not to mention, this is the age range to get your kids hooked on learning so they can develop and fine-tune the skills that will see them through high school and beyond. 

So, where can you find age-appropriate after-school activities for kids? We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite programs that can help you create a more educational after-school routine for your kids. Explore these ideas, and be sure to add them to your kids’ after-school schedules.

Learn to Sketch

When it comes to finding after-school activities for 10-year-olds, you can’t go wrong with sketch classes. These virtual and on-demand classes encourage your kids to get artistic as they provide step-by-step instructions on how to draw pictures from scratch, such as birds, cats, and stegosauruses. And if you have a Swiftie on your hands, they can even learn how to draw Taylor Swift!

Play Chess

If you’re looking for after-school activities for kids aged 8-10, why not introduce your kiddos to chess? When you sign them up to play chess after school, they’ll learn the rules of the game and how to checkmate and capture their opponent’s king. The more your kids play chess, the more they’ll develop their creative and strategic thinking skills. And in no time, your kids will be challenging you to a family chess tournament! 

Build & Code

It’s never too early to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of STEM, so kick start their journey with some coding after school. After-school activities for kids include in-person and virtual classes focusing on coding through hands-on projects like designing video games, creating digital art, and building robots. Before you know it, your little ones will be building all sorts of interactive designs with their new-found coding skills.

Explore the Solar System

Kids between the ages of eight and ten are often fascinated by the allure of outer space. If they’re interested in learning more about the solar system, allow them to explore some space-themed activities, videos, and classes. They can tune into musical solar system songs and videos, build their very own star finder, learn the ins and outs of lunar and solar eclipses, and so much more! 

Discover the Culinary Arts

If you have some budding chefs on your hands, then you can’t go wrong with cooking classes and video instructions. These after-school classes for 10-year-olds will help them learn their way around the kitchen as they discover everything from the art of crafting traditional Puerto Rican cuisine to expertly decorating a cake in buttercream frosting. As your kiddos familiarize themselves with the basics, they just might start teaching you a thing or two about cooking!

Dabble in a Different Language

Studies show children have an easier time learning languages, so your kiddos are at the perfect age to become bilingual. Not sure where to start? Check out after-school activities for kids that introduce languages like Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi. Whether you want your kids to learn a few new words in another language or work toward full-on fluency, these courses are a great place to jump-start their interests.

Demystify Mathematics

Of all subjects, math can be tricky—some kids love it, while others despise it. Either way, it’s an important skill for your kids to master, and that’s where after-school math classes and activities come in handy. You’ll find some courses that challenge your kids to become full-on math wizards and others that masterfully disguise math in interactive puzzles and games like Minecraft. Whatever math-based program you choose, your kids are sure to begin seeing mathematics in a more favorable light.