Online Summer Camp Guide

The best online summer camps & classes for kids to have fun, learn new skills, and fill academic gaps from home.

The Online Summer Camp Guide features our most popular and trending online camps and classes on ActivityHero that can be attended from the convenience of home – including academic support & tutoring, music, coding, art, LEGO®, and more! 

Explore fun online summer camps on coding, Minecraft, Roblox, robotics & smart devices, digital design, and more – all designed by Google and Stanford experts for K-12 students. Interactive small-group camps with live instructors. 100% project-based learning to solve new problems in each session. Book a free introductory class today (limited spots)!

Come learn with other young aspiring entrepreneurs the skills you need to start a business! With the highest quality remote instruction, you’ll unlock your kids’ brilliance as they are challenged to create their own profitable companies at BizWorld Entrepreneurial Enrichment Summer Camp.

Create an adventuring hero! Work with friends to complete quests and save the world! Solve puzzles, investigate mysteries, meet fantastical creatures, outwit foes, and save the world! Our camps unleash imagination and grow skills. The Story Teller (instructor) creates the setting—how the story unfolds depends entirely on the 4 students’ choices at our Dungeons & Dragons Spring Break or Summer Camp!

Watch your kids expand their creativity through computer science! Code Wiz camps are small-group, student-driven, and focused on project-based learning for new and experienced students ages 5-17.

Creativity is the common language that all of us are born with. Kids love to explore their creative nature and express it in various forms of art. At TaleTree, we use a simple, yet effective method of “positive sharing” to engage kids in discussions to let them explore creativity through positive interactions with their peers and help them develop confidence and social, emotional skills.

Music is taught in a fun way that gives children the tools to express themselves at the Raga Singing & Vocal online camp. Combining strong fundamentals of the Indian classical tradition and a kind environment to learn, kids are taught how to master rhythms, simple melodies and ragas, hundreds of years old.

Math & More offers personalized teaching and tutoring math services for all ages. This summer your student can review skills or look ahead to next year in several small group offerings. Kristy with Math and More has 25+ years of experience in public, private, and homeschooling environments with students ranging from preschool through college. She’s passionate about helping students meet their educational goals in a way that works best for them.

Would you like to introduce your little one(s) to a new foreign language? Our children’s program is designed to actively involve our little students using a wide variety of learning tools to ensure the children have fun while learning through three important approaches: Discovery, Creativity, Body. Your child will learn Italian through Music Classes, Art and Craft, Gymnastic, History and Cooking Classes.

Don’t forget to prevent summer slide & get your child back on track in academics! Students learn: typing, math, art, coding & Google programs with their favorite themes in MINECRAFT, BARBIE & MORE! This camp offers an EXTENDED HOUR either 1 hour before or 1 hour after the meeting time for this camp. Look for the banner that says Extended Day.

Our goal at Camp Cosmo is to reach kids at home and offer them an outlet for fun that goes way beyond video games or TV. Every Cosmo class is designed to inspire critical thinking, creative thought and social connections — through play.

Join forces with international award-winning astronomer and consultant to NASA, Kevin Manning, a man on no ordinary mission. Kevin founded Look Up to the Stars with a mission to generate interest and foster scientific literacy in students nationwide through the delivery of awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining astronomy programs.