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3 Signs that Kids Music Lessons Are Right for Your Child

Parents can determine if their child is ready for music lessons by looking for signs of interest, improved academic performance, and increased attention span, which indicate readiness for learning a musical instrument and the commitment it entails.

Most parents know the benefits for a child who studies a musical instrument. Academic grades can improve, ill effects of attention disorders may lessen and the child is learning a timeless skill that teaches them commitment and responsibility. However, how do you know exactly when your child is ready for kids music lessons? Fortunately there are a few telltale signs that can help you make the decision.

Sign #1: Focus

The first sign to look for is how long your child is able to focus on a task. Children must be able to focus on an assigned task for at least 15 minutes in order to successfully learn an instrument. For this reason, most kids music programs will not accept children younger than 5. Age 4 is usually the youngest that children are able to keep up an adequate amount of focus and attention.

Sign #2: Enthusiasm

Another sign that your child is ready, is his own personal level of enthusiasm. Going to a music studio near you that offers a personalized assessment of each child will usually result in the instructor recommending what instrument is best for the child to begin lessons. Is your child excited about this particular instrument? If not, he will quickly lose interest. However, if he’s apt to happily give it a try, then his maturity level and ability to trust the judgment of an instructor may be primed and ready for the first steps of a music career. The two most common “starter” instruments your instructor may suggest are the cello or violin, as they both come in a smaller size. Piano Classes and guitar classes are also popular.

Sign #3: Thrives in a Group Environment

Finally, it is important to note that while your child may not be ready for the focus and individual responsibility of private lessons, he may thrive in a group environment. Group lessons are a great way to try out an instrument because they are more affordable, and also allow for the child to model his behavior after other children who may be older and more adapted to a music class environment.

An online music class is another way to try out music for your child in a small group setting.