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What Are the Best Summer Camps for Your Child’s Personality?

Here’s a few recommendations on how to find the perfect camp for your child’s unique personality.

Any parent can tell you that all kids are truly one-of-a-kind. So how does a parent go about picking the right summer camps for their unique child?

Not all little girls want to be ballerinas at dance camp, and all boys are not fit to be a star at sports camp. Not only do different activities help keep kids active and healthy; they also help build self-confidence, creativity, and are a great form of stress relief.

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Step 1: Ask for their input

Perhaps your daughter has caught the fever for archery after seeing Katniss and Princess Merida in action, or the last season of The Voice has your son belting out tunes that beg for voice lessons. While parents have the final say in what activities kids will pursue, keep in mind that all kids should be allowed to have their own personal goals and preferences.

Step 2: Assess their personality

Another way to help choose summer camps for your kids is to take cues from their personality traits. For instance, a child who longs to explore might not find foreign language camps as exciting as an outdoor adventure camp. Here’s a few recommendations on how to find the perfect summer camps for your child:

How to find a summer camp

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Written by Sarah Antrim