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“Love this! I played an instrument from 4th grade through college. I want my son to be exposed...”
“My daughter has been to the Rainbow Chefs last year. She loved it and had a great time cooking,...”
“My 3 kids attended their Chess Camp and they enjoyed it and learned so much. They felt so...”
Nicole C.
“My 5 year old son attended Steve and Kate's for the first time last year, and he can't wait to go...”
Jennifer R.
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We went from 100 to 500 students in one year. ActivityHero knows how to promote kids programs and parents find it very easy to use.
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ActivityHero is so simple to use and after we experienced it, we couldn’t live without it!
Techrocks Tech Rocks!
ActivityHero online registration helped me get summer bookings one month earlier -- I had $9k in registrations in two weeks! It's saving me a lot of time and parents love the convenience.
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