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On-Demand Art Classes to Fit Your Schedule

On-Demand art classes for your creative child are a great alternative when you need an activity to fit your busy schedule. Whether you need an hour break on a rainy day, quiet time during a long car ride, or entertainment during school breaks – find a wide variety of on-demand art classes on ActivityHero.

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Draw Funny Llamas with Young Rembrandts

This lesson teaches children ages 5-12 how to draw a funny LLAMA! Who doesn’t love a llama. These animals with their furry bodies and long necks, make great cartoon characters. One llama is happy and celebrating, while the other is annoyed about his attire. We learn to exaggerate their facial features to show us how they’re feeling.

Learn to Draw a Great White Shark

This video is narrated with step-by-step instructions. Students will learn how to draw with basic proportions and shapes, and how to add details and depth to their paintings with watercolor and colored pencils. 

Battle Plan – Holiday Map Design – FREE Printable by Stanford Libraries Map Collection

Celebrate the holidays by making a Home Alone inspired map of your house! In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister draws a map of his house and sets up obstacles to protect it from the bad guys, and now it’s your turn! Draw a map of your house and use obstacles pulled from the maps in our collections!

Draw Cartoon Monsters by Young Rembrandts

A new hands-on method of learning art! Specifically designed for K to 6th-grade students, every lesson is designed to give you an hour break and engage your child’s mind with fun, educational and creative activities. 

Art History – Draw Peter Max with Young Rembrandts

Peter Max is a famous illustrator and graphic artist. Your child will emulate his artwork as we draw this stylized spaceship. A combination of simple shapes, contour lines, and radiating celestial bodies produce an eye-catching graphic.

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On-demand drawing classes are perfect for families that want a freeform schedule.

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