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Why is coding important for kids?

Most future careers will involve computers. In addition to computer programming and engineering, jobs like graphic design, medical science, education, and logistics all make use of computer technology.

What is coding for kids? What programming language should my child learn?

For young kids, Scratch is a great drag-and-drop program that makes it easy to create simple games. Kids at age 10 or 11 who can type can start with Python or Java. Older kids may want to choose a language that best suits their career goals, such as Java, C++, HTML, Javascript.

What is the benefit of coding classes versus camps?

While a camp allows kids to complete a project fairly quickly, coding or programming classes allow them to continue using those skills so they won’t lose them. As with any language, usage improves with regular practice.

What are the qualities of a good computer instructor?

In addition to a knowledge of coding and programming, patience is key! This material can be challenging for kids, and they will need repeated instructions and continual guidance. A good instructor will also make coding fun and relevant to kids' lives.

How much do coding and programming classes cost?

Some charge per class. Others per session or per month. Costs are in the $30-to-$80-per class price range at many locations. To test kids’ interest, consider a sites that offers a one-day class or money-back guarantee.

What can I expect my child to learn at a coding camp?

Programs for younger kids often center on games like Minecraft, using drag-and-drop programs to tweak the code. Older kids may begin typing actual code using a language like Java, or they may do web design.

How do coding camps for kids differ from classes?

Classes offer kids steady progress, but a camp immerses them in the subject. At a camp, kids often will learn lessons and apply them to a specific project, which they will complete by the end of the session.

In computer camp, will kids be grouped by age or ability?

Generally, it’s a combination. The great thing about coding and programming camps is that kids typically can work at their own pace, so they can move ahead quickly if they are able, but they don’t feel pressured to do so.

What is a typical day like at coding camp for kids?

The day often begins with a review and a question-and-answer period, and then the new lesson. Activities may involve teamwork or solo learning. Kids usually take breaks, too, dining together and playing some team-building games or sports.

Does my child need any prior coding experience for computer camp?

Usually not. Some camps may offer different levels for kids who have attended previous sessions, but there is usually a level for beginners. Most kids are familiar with computers from school and how to type at least a little.

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- Mallika Thoppay, TechSmart Academy, San Francisco, CA

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