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Annual Fee
Registration fee (on all registrations)
Referral fee (only if customer is referred by ActivityHero):

* + 2.5% credit card processing fee

** volume discounts available

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  • Free Listing plus MarketingHero plus:
  • Schedules and session availability on your website
  • Online registrations and waitlists on your website
  • Online payments and refunds on your website
  • Automated confirmation & reminder emails
  • Secure customer data management on your website
  • Parent email blast tools
  • Simple discounts and promo codes
  • Tracking and reporting dashboard
  • Dedicated client services account manager
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Run your business
Annual Fee
Registration fee (on all registrations)
Referral fee (only if customer is referred by ActivityHero):

* + 2.5% credit card processing fee

** volume discounts available

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Get Discovered

Free Listing
More than a million families use and the ActivityHero mobile app to plan after school classes and camps for their kids. Make sure they know about you! In about 20 minutes, you can set up a beautiful, mobile-friendly profile, including:
    Feature1 active 5a6df263d4a4414d200fa524b4bfb261479a642cc2e9bef0106ab0bcf581d7ff
    Descriptions, maps, and details for each of your locations
    Feature2 active b41bb28187e082c4555d1c295959f5b41b45a81b3de11259cab1ed6f56b441c9
    Link to your website and facebook page
    Feature3 active a7b3822a163bedbd7aa0cb2524714cbb80a62345493509f1dd19ea7972e2fcce
    Easy contact form that lets parents send you email 24/7
    Feature4 active d9ca2fb9fbed7925b9922e370a533f65dfbab295be9be596be13386c1f6453d1
    Your Phone Number
    Feature5 active 51c502d4b3795320e343acf3cd01e8eab00f5b936fb235332e45e6b5eb5c0e81
    Gallery & Photos
    Feature6 active 0ff16d50c624f62c7a73db93ea9e631cf7193999bdfb77657dc6fd1d9dee8f85
    Descriptions and schedules for all your activities/sessions

Grow Your Business

Ready to reach even more parents? Upgrade to a MarketingHero listing.

You'll get everything that's part of the free listing, plus:

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Go viral
ActivityHero’s calendar and share features make it easy for parents to tell their friends they’ve signed up for your class or camp -- which means more friends-of-friends will register.
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Boost your traffic
Get discovered by even more families when they see you on the ActivityHero homepage and boosted in search results.
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Get paid registrations
Your enhanced listing allows you to accept online registrations and payment on ActivityHero. It’s faster and easier for parents, which means up to a 20% increase in students for you.
Performance 1f066f08dd0d5da2d3001ae483d8ddb4ad58d886a0921f0f5c72ad051a487544
Pay for performance
After the low annual fee, you only pay when a paid customer registers.

Run Your Business

Take your business to the next level. Keep all the benefits of a MarketingHero listing on our website. Add in SuperHero tools to help you manage your online schedule, registrations, and payments on your own website, too.
Accept online 3fc09b8fb55dd4fa224b7df05f4ef72be4b352d579daa8cbd5b22723baff476e
Accept online payments on your website
With SuperHero technology, any visitor to your site can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. (You can process refunds easily too.)
Jiff 7b9fdc8747f3962a5869ee41305df9f3b00351458249292518fa8cc6c8634ef0
Get set-up in a jiff
Simpy add 1 line of code to your website to get the full suite of SuperHero features.
Accept online2 d20fbd045d4152a210a5ed8585a8192645e416425ba25cd115403e8a312c222b
Accept online registrations on your website
Say goodbye to paper forms -- and accept registrations 24/7. Registration is mobile-optimized, so it looks great on tablets and smartphones. And if your session fills up? We can start a waitlist for you.
Collect info 38a02014162b516ab0d44e6f7bc5674e0a9c62888d0c4e32630c9c68740fb676
Collect the information you actually need -- all of it
Customize your online registration forms. Then store parent info, so they can quickly sign up again.
Real time 453e23837a43b70ca627af13d51fd7a0324f940f0218f2156d324ed6bfa8c72e
Make real-time updates to your website
Need to add another session? Change dates? Add/remove spots? Simply log into your dashboard and make your edits, and they’ll instantly appear on your site.
Business growth ae9345f7719926834cfde9fa29bd4f2fd913195098231fecbbec4110a581757a
See how your business is doing
The SuperHero dashboard gives you detailed reports about registrations, payments, and more. You can also use it for common customer service tasks like editing customer info or changing sessions.

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